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16 May 2019

Rise of the machines – investing into a disruptive world

By Matthew Alabaster. The world is changing faster, and with greater uncertainty, than arguably at any time over the last thirty years.

25 April 2019

Why multi-let assets are the future of institutional real estate investment

By Gareth Lewis and Ainsley Moore How would most people typify the real estate assets that institutional investors are most eager to invest in? Up to now, the answer would probably have been large buildings let to a single tenant—such as a major bank—on a 30-year lease. A couple of...

26 March 2019

Real estate shake-up: Big tests ahead offer opportunities as well as threats

By Sandra Dowling, Real Estate Leader Our newly launched Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The global outlook for 2019 report highlights risks of standing still in an industry that’s facing its biggest shake-up in a generation. There’s so much uncertainty and anxiety in the UK right now, it was good...

25 March 2019

Real asset investment gets proactive

By Andrew McCrosson and Pragya Jain As anyone involved in the real asset market will know, the past two years have seen intense competition for stable income generating infrastructure assets like water companies, airports and toll roads. Unsurprisingly, this has pushed prices up and returns down. But it’s also had...

26 February 2019

Asia Pacific Real Estate investors’ focus is broadening

By Natalie Breen, Head of Asia Real Estate Desk Recently, we touched on the transfer of risk that’s underway from West to East, driven by the rising demand for UK and European assets from investors based in the Asia Pacific region. We wanted to further examine the nature of the...

17 December 2018

The close of the cycle or a land of opportunity?

By Simon Hampton and James Pincus Many investors will fondly remember the days when they could buy an asset – be it an office block or a piece of infrastructure – then sit back for a few years and then sell it at a handsome profit. Try that investment strategy...

05 November 2018

Fit for the future: Keeping pace with the shifts in social trends and tenant expectations

Talking to people working across real estate, the focus of conversation is no longer whether the sector is on the cusp of a dramatic shift – that’s pretty much taken as read – but rather why and how to respond. Some say we’re closing in on a turn in the...

03 May 2018

Industry looks to modular homes to solve housing crisis

by Lee Wilkinson, director and housing specialist in our engineering and construction sector team You stand in Sherburn-in-Elmet and gaze across the road and see the behemoth that is the L&G housing factory. The business, L&G Homes, will soon commence operations, at the 550,000 sq ft warehouse in the town,...

16 March 2018

As the UK construction industry looks to reshape workforces for a post-Brexit world, can automation help to fill the gap?

By Julia Onslow-Cole I recently attended a fascinating dinner with senior executives from several leading UK construction firms. Amid the lively buzz of conversation around the table, one topic came consistently to the fore; the potential impact of Brexit on the industry’s workforce. It isn’t hard to see why my...

26 May 2017

Building smart secure walls - the real estate cyber security challenge

Gareth Lewis Cyber security is at the top of the UK CEO agenda. In our 20th CEO survey, UK CEOs rated cyber security as the second biggest threat to their business. It is also clear from our recent Global State of Information Security survey 2017 that companies are investing in...

17 January 2017

The UK housing market – the affordability challenge

By Richard McCole and Robert Walker It is widely accepted that there is a significant demand / supply imbalance in the UK housing market, with strong demand for home ownership but low build rates by historical standards. By some estimates, we are currently building around 60% of the houses required...

16 January 2017

Housing: Out with 2016 and in with 2017

By Lee Wilkinson It has been a somewhat uncertain few months for UK house prices – but the good news is that according to Nationwide, property value growth in 2016 has been “stable”, at a rise of 4.5% over. Though 2017 is looking slightly lower with both Nationwide and Halifax...