Our Lives in Data vlog: analysing transport data

21 December 2016




Transport generates multiple sources of data, and it’s often being used real time.

In the third vlog in our series from the 'Our Lives in Data' exhibition at the Science Museum, we've focused on the transport section which displays the inside of an Oyster Card reader and a 3D model of Bond Street station.

And as Ben Whittingham and David Doyle from our Consulting Data and Analytics team explain, it's important for businesses in the transport industry to make sure they're using and analysing the data generated from travel to make sure that they’re guiding millions of journeys in the most optimal way. Watch our short video below to find out more.



Ben Whittingham | Senior manager, Data & Analytics Transport Team
Email | +44 (0)23 8083 5261

David Doyle | Data & Analytics Technology Leader
Email | +44 (0)207 213 8033

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