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04 February 2020

Can artificial intelligence benefit the built environment?

The debate about Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) splits people on the positives and negatives. But whatever people’s views are, it’s clear that the implications of AI will have impacts for each and every one of us – both positively and negatively.

28 January 2020

Technological disruption and innovation excellence in the legal sector

AI, process automation & blockchain are major technological disruptors.

06 January 2020

How data and analytics are changing the hotels industry

Since the launch of our Hotels Forecast 2019-2020, hoteliers and investors have been increasingly looking at data to find deep insights on current and potential guests. In this blog, we look at the industry benefits of analysing data, what that analysis can show and how hotels can use it to improve performance.

03 January 2020

Real Estate in Europe 2020: Key emerging trends

The key points to know from PwC and ULI’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate report 2020.

18 December 2019

How the leisure industry can unlock the power of AI

Euan Cameron explores the opportunities Artificial Intelligence could bring to the leisure and entertainment industry. Sharing insights from the recent Blooloop annual conference.

17 December 2019

Going up through the levels: what’s next for the UK video games industry?

The future for the video game industry is looking bright especially within the UK market. What’s next? This blog explores evolving landscape of Gaming Industry and how to navigate in the future.

16 December 2019

How well do you understand your fraud risks?

There are a number of steps you can take to protect your business. In this blog, we focus on the first step - conducting a thorough fraud risk assessment.

05 December 2019

Does the way that financial services organisations deliver their transformation, remediation and change programmes need evolution or a revolution to succeed in the future?

Pressure on the financial services industry to remain profitable has been predominantly driven by regulatory changes, political uncertainty and competition. Michael Gibbons and Jessica Parthezius discuss the key question, does the Financial Services need evolution or a revolution?

04 December 2019

Would a tourist tax affect UK hotels?

By Sharon Blain In our Hotels Forecast 2019-2020, we briefly noted growing talk of tourist taxes in the UK as a way for councils to increase local funding and generate new revenue. Here, we consider this issue in more detail, with a look at the ‘transient visitor levy’ tourist tax...

02 December 2019

Creating value beyond the deal in the Transport & Logistics sector

By Max Livingstone-Learmonth Throughout my career, either working in the Transport & Logistics sector or as an advisor, I have seen firsthand the transformative potential of M&A. However, it can of course be challenging to deliver the value intended, meaning that developing a comprehensive and realistic value creation plan up...

28 November 2019

The UK Senior Living opportunity

As retirement/assisted living tops Emerging Trends in Real Estate’s sector investment prospects and gains the #2 spot for prospects for development, what’s the future for this emerging sector in the UK?

22 November 2019

Venture capital investment in maritime technology

By David Smith, UK Shipping Co-Leader Venture capital interest in maritime technology has grown significantly in recent years. As barriers to adoption fall, there is still scope for even higher levels of investment. Historically, the maritime sector was an enthusiastic adopter, indeed pioneer, of new technology. However, there is a...

21 November 2019

Digital investment is key to long-term growth for industrial manufacturers

Why industrial manufacturers can’t keep putting off investment in digital technology and skills... Global trade disputes and political instability, particularly around Brexit, are making businesses cautious when it comes to investment decisions. The depth of these challenges has not been lost on the industrial manufacturing (IM) sector’s leaders, with our 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey showing that government policy worries are top of mind (40%), while trade conflicts come a close second (39%).

06 November 2019

Law firms look ahead to the future

A blog about how law firms can look to the future despite what's going on in the current economic climate. Despite a very turbulent year, it is promising to see a positive within the performance of the UK legal sector. Firms showed much resilience and still reported revenue and profit growth.  

30 October 2019

Plugging the revenue leakage on Software and IP could boost your overall income by 10%

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to boost their cash flow, but rights associated with intangible assets are often neglected. The blog talks about how can a business make the most of this massive, but still largely untapped, earnings multiplier? Also, when’s the right time to tackle this revenue leakage?

29 October 2019

Protecting your hotel from cyber risk

An uncertain economic outlook is encouraging hoteliers to embrace new technologies to attract and retain guests. But this means an increase in cyber risk.

28 October 2019

Three ways blockchain could benefit the defence sector

While blockchain has typically been associated with cryptocurrencies and other financial services, the technology is now being developed for use by other industries with capital assets. The defence sector is no exception.

21 October 2019

How can law firms adapt to the cyber security threat

This year’s Law Firms’ Survey showed cyber security risk to be an area of concern for all responding firms. Law firms are increasingly targeted as they hold a wealth of sensitive data and large amounts of client money. With the increased use of digital and cloud-based solutions means that the ‘attack surface’ and exposure threats has increased. This latest cyber security blog looks at three elements of how law firms can adapt to the security threat environment within this digital age.

15 October 2019

Do you believe in unicorns? - Common pitfalls for investors valuing start-ups

By Simon Harris and Ralph Dodd Once a rare phenomenon, unicorns - privately-owned startup companies valued at US$1bn or more - are now a common sight. In the US alone there are over 150 of them galloping towards an IPO. In Europe, the UK leads the way with 72 –...

08 October 2019

Better diversity in Transport - How women can unlock the Non Executive Director opportunity

By Charles Johnson-Ferguson and Adeline Ginn One of the best ways for women to get board experience in the transport industry, as well as open up a better gender balance at senior levels, is for them to think laterally and become a Non-Executive Director (NED). This was a key finding...