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06 November 2019

Law firms look ahead to the future

A blog about how law firms can look to the future despite what's going on in the current economic climate. Despite a very turbulent year, it is promising to see a positive within the performance of the UK legal sector. Firms showed much resilience and still reported revenue and profit growth.  

30 October 2019

Plugging the revenue leakage on Software and IP could boost your overall income by 10%

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to boost their cash flow, but rights associated with intangible assets are often neglected. The blog talks about how can a business make the most of this massive, but still largely untapped, earnings multiplier? Also, when’s the right time to tackle this revenue leakage?

29 October 2019

Protecting your hotel from cyber risk

An uncertain economic outlook is encouraging hoteliers to embrace new technologies to attract and retain guests. But this means an increase in cyber risk.

28 October 2019

Three ways blockchain could benefit the defence sector

While blockchain has typically been associated with cryptocurrencies and other financial services, the technology is now being developed for use by other industries with capital assets. The defence sector is no exception.

21 October 2019

How can law firms adapt to the cyber security threat

This year’s Law Firms’ Survey showed cyber security risk to be an area of concern for all responding firms. Law firms are increasingly targeted as they hold a wealth of sensitive data and large amounts of client money. With the increased use of digital and cloud-based solutions means that the ‘attack surface’ and exposure threats has increased. This latest cyber security blog looks at three elements of how law firms can adapt to the security threat environment within this digital age.

15 October 2019

Do you believe in unicorns? - Common pitfalls for investors valuing start-ups

By Simon Harris and Ralph Dodd Once a rare phenomenon, unicorns - privately-owned startup companies valued at US$1bn or more - are now a common sight. In the US alone there are over 150 of them galloping towards an IPO. In Europe, the UK leads the way with 72 –...

08 October 2019

Better diversity in Transport - How women can unlock the Non Executive Director opportunity

By Charles Johnson-Ferguson and Adeline Ginn One of the best ways for women to get board experience in the transport industry, as well as open up a better gender balance at senior levels, is for them to think laterally and become a Non-Executive Director (NED). This was a key finding...

09 August 2019

Cost savings quick win: Could business services save around 15% on some categories of IT spend? 

By Rachael Joyce, Forensic Services Business Services Industry Lead and Jill Powell, IT Cost Optimisation & Strategy Lead Cost savings programmes are a frequent topic of conversation across business services, but as the latest rounds are being kicked off it’s worth asking if your firm could be paying as much...

18 June 2019

The manufacturer and retailer dilemma: To use or not to use plastic packaging?

By Simon McKay It is clear that the UK consumer is increasingly wanting to do the “right” thing when it comes to packaging, but there are many competing trade-offs that do not always get equal air time. A clear example of the dilemma this gives shoppers was highlighted in our...

06 June 2019

Esports - where to play? Something for everyone

By Andy Fahey, Esports Lead Finding the right entry point to the esports market is one of the most common barriers organisations find themselves up against when looking to activate in this space. Of course, this is not a challenge unique only to new entrants to the esports ecosystem. A...

23 May 2019

GDPR one year on: What should retailers be considering now?

By Emily Sheen, Data Protection Strategy Manager Watch my vlog or read the blog version on the British Retail Consortium's website. For more on this topic, watch our webcast with the BRC and Global Legal Director at Specsavers on demand.And do get in touch if you'd like to talk more...

21 May 2019

Assurance in the Cloud - How to turn compliance challenges into competitive advantage?

This rapid advancement in technology has created sophisticated cyber threats. As the Cloud technology matures, so have the user expectations – there is an increased demand for trust and transparency. With the right support and planning, benefits will outweigh the cost and the associated risks.

16 May 2019

Rise of the machines – investing into a disruptive world

By Matthew Alabaster. The world is changing faster, and with greater uncertainty, than arguably at any time over the last thirty years.

25 April 2019

Why multi-let assets are the future of institutional real estate investment

By Gareth Lewis and Ainsley Moore How would most people typify the real estate assets that institutional investors are most eager to invest in? Up to now, the answer would probably have been large buildings let to a single tenant—such as a major bank—on a 30-year lease. A couple of...

04 April 2019

5G use cases dominate the conversation at MWC - but who’ll get to monetise them?

By Warren Tucker and Anita Nadkarni We’ve spent fascinating and energising few days at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, which was packed with ground-breaking innovations and glimpses of the future. This is a short overview of what we saw and experienced during the week, particularly geared to non-telecoms industry folks, of...

26 March 2019

Real estate shake-up: Big tests ahead offer opportunities as well as threats

By Sandra Dowling, Real Estate Leader Our newly launched Emerging Trends in Real Estate: The global outlook for 2019 report highlights risks of standing still in an industry that’s facing its biggest shake-up in a generation. There’s so much uncertainty and anxiety in the UK right now, it was good...

25 March 2019

Real asset investment gets proactive

By Andrew McCrosson and Pragya Jain As anyone involved in the real asset market will know, the past two years have seen intense competition for stable income generating infrastructure assets like water companies, airports and toll roads. Unsurprisingly, this has pushed prices up and returns down. But it’s also had...

22 March 2019

Employers in the Facilities Management sector: preparing for even more change and enforcement...

By John Harding and Emily Webster We all know just how critical people are to businesses in the Facilities Management (FM) sector and how much experience businesses have of adapting to the ever increasing burdens that are placed on employers. Over the past few months we’ve seen a significant increase...

07 March 2019

Breaking through the glass ceiling in hospitality, travel and leisure

By Lisa Hooker, UK Consumer Markets Leader If you want to give your economy a real boost, improve opportunities for women – our newly published Women in Work Index shows that bringing female employment rates in the UK up to the high levels in Sweden would increase our national GDP...

06 March 2019

Moving up the risk curve

By Matthew Alabaster Greater competition for core infrastructure assets means many investors are considering how to maintain returns by taking on assets with greater commercial, operational or market risk. At PwC, we’ve seen a lot of our infrastructure clients looking at assets higher up the risk curve. Some are broadening...