We all want better healthcare, sooner and the potential is there to make it happen: New technology, new breakthroughs, new ideas. But while there are opportunities, there are challenges too: constrained budgets, an ageing population and an increase in chronic conditions. Find out what our specialists have to say on the issues that matter.

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13 December 2018

Why healthcare providers will win public support for implementing digital solutions

A recent survey reported by the HSJ shows that the public’s highest priorities for new NHS funding are cancer care and staffing, while their lowest are digital access and better services for vulnerable groups. While it is understandable that the public would choose ‘clinical’ over ‘digital’ in a binary choice, we should be very clear in our viewpoint that , the two things are not mutually exclusive and that we need to be making the case for how digital will bring enormous benefits to patients, not just in terms of processes but also  in terms of the quality of their own treatment and care.

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