Moving women with purpose: Is your organization prepared to respond to the global mobility gender gap?

08 March 2016

By Peter Clarke, Global Leader, PwC Global Mobility Services

Every March, International Women’s Day (IWD) is recognized across the globe to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women. So much progress has been achieved since the first IWD in 1911. Today, women are a powerful part of the global workforce, yet more can be done to promote opportunities for women to participate in cross-border mobility experiences. 

At PwC Diversity and Inclusion are key issues for us. For me personally, as PwC’s Global Mobility practice leader, we have been working with organizations to understand how to best attract, retain, develop and deploy their female talent.  Like PwC, many organizations have increased their focus on gender diversity.  However, we are still seeing a gap in the number of females taking part in international mobility opportunities. 


To investigate these challenges, PwC has conducted extensive research that brings together the views of 134 global mobility executives and 3,937 professionals from over 40 countries.

In our new research, “Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose,” a number of critical themes became apparent:

  • 64% of women say employers that offer mobility opportunities are more attractive
  • However, many don’t believe men and women have equal opportunity to undertake international assignments at their current employer
  • The common assumption that women with children don’t want to work abroad is challenged
  • Employers are using global mobility to develop their future pipeline of leaders – but only 22% are actively trying to increase their female workforce mobility

Importantly, my view is that organizations need to be much more purposeful in using global mobility to develop talent, especially females.  In the latest PwC CEO survey, 72% of CEOs said that they were worried about a skills gap and its impact on talent development.  Yet, only 22% of mobility executives say their mobility and diversity strategies are aligned.  There is a tremendous opportunity to better integrate global mobility into diversity and talent development strategies.  I believe that organizations that accomplish this will achieve real competitive advantage over time.

Join us on #IWD2016 and explore our full Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose report to better understand how your current and future employees view global mobility in the context of gender diversity and sign up for our webcast on the topic on April 5, 2016 @ 10 am ET  


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