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03 December 2015

This week we bring you the exciting news that PwC is launching a global talent diversity and global mobility research study.

Did you know that female demand for international experiences has never been higher, with 71% of female millennials saying they want to work outside their home country during their career? Given that only 20% of current international assignees are female, this reveals unprecedented – and as yet un-met – demand for international experience from the female millennial.

In light of such dramatic shifts, multinational organisations worldwide are facing the challenge of creating and delivering inclusive global mobility programmes that realise the full opportunities created by today’s workforce demographics. Demographics such as the rise in dual-career couples, increasing eldercare responsibilities due to an ageing population, and critical skills gaps in key geographies.


Meanwhile, members of this fast-changing modern workforce (men and women) are frustrated by the perceived lack of international opportunities available to them, the low levels of organisational support provided during their international assignments, and quite often the discrepancy between the expected and actual impacts that these international experiences have on their careers.

At PwC, we believe that – alongside its other benefits – global mobility provides opportunities to foster greater diversity and inclusion in organisations.  But to drive global mobility strategies that get this right, organisations must first gain a better understanding of the international career aspirations and experiences of today’s workforce. 

To gain these insights, we have commissioned Opinium Research to conduct a ground-breaking global research study.  Aimed at engaging the workforce of today and the leaders of tomorrow, the survey is open to women and men who are interested in, currently on or have completed an international experience.

Our research objective is to help organisations – including ourselves – to better understand how talent diversity and global mobility intersect, and what this means for the development and delivery of transformational inclusive talent strategies. 

So, is a global career high on your agenda? If the answer is yes, then why not share your views and help to shape the inclusive talent strategies of tomorrow?  You can play your part now by simply investing 12 minutes of your time to complete the survey by clicking here!  

We’ll be sharing the findings of our research with you in early March, so watch this space!

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