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07 March 2016

Female demand for international mobility is at an all-time high. Is your organisation prepared?

Gender_070316Did you know that we are experiencing a time of unprecedented – and as yet unmet – female demand for international mobility? PwC’s new study shows that some 71% of female millennials want to work outside their home country during their career, but only 20% of the current internationally mobile population are women.

Is your organisation prepared to respond to this global mobility gender gap?

This Tuesday, 8 March, International Women’s Day (IWD) will be celebrated across the globe. We at PwC are marking the event by releasing our Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose research paper. With a view to finding out more about the international aspirations of the modern workforce, we surveyed almost 4,000 professionals – including 2,285 women – in over 40 countries. In parallel, we also elicited the views of 134 executives with responsibility for global mobility to explore the current trends in mobility, talent management and diversity.

As well as the wide gap highlighted above between female demand for mobility and the reality in the workplace, the report also reveals several other unsettling disconnects around diversity. For example, the overwhelming majority of multinationals in our study told us that global acumen skills were a critical requirement for advancement into leadership positions at their organisations (77%) – and 60% said they use global mobility to develop their succession pipeline of future leaders. Yet only 16% confirmed that the number of female international assignees in their organisation was proportionate to their overall percentage of female employees.

Furthermore, only 22% of global mobility executives stated that their organisations’ diversity and mobility strategies were aligned. Even more worryingly, the same small proportion – 22% – said they were actively trying to increase their levels of internationally mobile women.

So it’s clear that organisations are using international exposure and experiences to develop and advance their key talent. But it’s equally clear that more action is urgently needed to close a significant mobility gender gap. To do this, CEOs must drive an agenda where women are both aware of – and also actively provided with – the critical experiences they need to progress their careers, including international assignment opportunities. Also, to capitalise on the demographics of the modern workforce, mobility programmes cannot simply be operated in a silo. Instead, global mobility, diversity and talent management strategies need to be closely connected and coordinated to support companies’ successful realisation of their international business and people strategies.

Overall, our Moving women with purpose research identifies ten critical themes that organisations must keep front-of-mind if they want to be successful in creating gender inclusive mobility, while also benefiting the overall effectiveness of their global mobility programmes. You can find out more in our video:

The message is clear. In the face of today’s fast-changing workforce demographics, global mobility strategies that do not fully include women will simply not deliver to their full potential. We’d like to invite you to find out more by visiting www.pwc.com/movingwomenwithpurpose, where you can download the full report or an interactive executive summary.

The research study also showcases a number of company case studies – and profiles several women around the world who’ve had successful international assignment experiences.


Aoife_Flood070316Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aoife Flood is Senior Manager of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Office for PwC International Limited with responsibility for the development and implementation of our network-wide global Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

She is a proud PwC female millennial and lead researcher and author of our ‘Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose’, ‘The female millennial: A new era of talent’ and 'Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow's female leaders' thought leadership publications.

Aoife is also co-author of our Global Gender Agenda blog. You can learn more about Aoife here.



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