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06 January 2009

Update – on using “My Mentor” in Bangalore

Hello again and Happy New Year.  Let’s start off 2009 on the Gender Agenda by sharing some great news from India. 

I mentioned last year that a lady called Rashmi Seth had won a copy of Maureen Frank’s “My Mentor” toolkit at the prize draw in Bangalore when we launched MM at NASSCOM.  We asked Rashmi to let us know how she was getting on with the toolkit, which is a boxed set of DVDs, CDs and a workbook for women to go through in their own time. 


Just before Christmas, Rashmi popped up with this update!  So here she is, in her own words.

About Rashmi:

Ga_0601_b Rashmi works in the software industry in Bangalore (check her out on LinkedIn – what an impressive profile) and is the mother to two sons – “Sometimes in the evening, my 8 year old twin boys also sit besides me when I am going through the My Mentor lessons” - maybe there’s a future match there – as Maureen Frank has eight year old twin girls …

“20th November 2008 was a lucky day!  Yeah, I won a copy of the ‘My Mentor’ toolkit in the prize draw. WOW! I just couldn’t believe my name being called on by Maureen Frank of Emberin to collect the ‘prized’ possession.

Thank you Cleo for mentioning it on the PwC blog:  http://pwc.blogs.com/gender_agenda/2008/11/index.html

Flashback, it was the second day at NASSCOM’S IT Women Leadership Summit 2008 - Transforming Enterprises and Societies. The NASSCOM agenda for this conference seeks to address gender diversity and inclusivity and Women in Leadership positions in IT and the BPO sector.

A very well organised and equally well represented summit! Though personally, I would have gone for a gender neutral theme – maybe ‘IT Leadership Summit’. Overall, it was a well spent two days of ‘gyan’, networking. Yes, I met some great leaders and really interesting individuals.

For me, the take aways were that organisations need to:

  • Be AWARE about the need for diversity and gender inclusivity

  • Educate everyone (top-down, left-right) on ‘the need’
  • ‘Walk the Talk – encourage, empower, create policies and implement it across [This one was from Cleo- very well said!]

And these so aptly apply to ‘individuals’ as well! I really liked the ‘build your personal brand’ statement from Maureen.

Coming back, to share the ‘My Mentor’ kit experience. It is a great self-help kit. You relate to the content instantly and the examples are so apt. The best part is it helps you not only at a professional level, but you tend to re-learn so much at a personal level. Thanks, Maureen for bringing this out!

I am still going through it and will keep you posted on how I have progressed in a few weeks’ time.”


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