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29 October 2008

Going live: the launch of “Closing the Gender Gap”

Hello.  I am once again in New York (rain swept, grey and cold, with the streets littered with discarded, inverted umbrellas – and weeping British tourists, distressed at the low level of sterling against the dollar) – this time for Working Mother’s annual Work Life Congress. PwC US were once again named as one of the top 10 companies in America for working mothers and Gender Advisory Council member and PwC US Chief Diversity Officer Roy Weathers will be accepting an award at the gala dinner later this week.

Since my last blog entry, the GAC film - “Closing the Gender Gap: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future” has gone live on the website – you can view it via this link or by clicking on the blue button to the right of this article.  We’ve distributed the link and copies of the film on DVD to the interviewees, key PwC people and our clients - and the response has been quite amazing; some of the comments I’ve received to date include:

“I am planning to share it with others both internally and externally, but especially my four nieces and my nephew.  I want them to know the importance of this message as they enter the workforce.”

“Having had the opportunity to view the film on the Gender Gap, I feel compelled to acknowledge and thank you and your team for the marvellous work done on this film. It was perceptive, crisp and professional but a significant factor was that it spoke the human language instead of business jargon.”

"I just wanted to drop a line and say how impressed I was by the Closing the Gender Gap video.  I just watched the full version and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was powerful, diverse, concise, polished, and hard-hitting. The message is clearly conveyed and the number of high profile participants that you interviewed is astounding."

"The film is excellent.  It thoroughly gets the key messages across.”

I am armed with copies of the DVD and the companion guide and will be sharing them with colleagues and clients at the Working Mother event.  It’s wonderful to see our hard work made real in the shape of An Actual Product after so long in the cooking.  Please do take a look and let me know your views, or how you think the film could be used in order to continue the debate which lies at the heart of the gender agenda.

In other news … at the time of writing, there is less than a week to go until the US Presidential election takes place.  I still suspect that the final result will be closer than the current polls are suggesting. And what of the female angle?  Vidya, one of the current Genesis Park participants in Washington DC, kindly shared this article from MSNBC with me on myths surrounding women’s voting patterns and behaviour.  It will be interesting to see how the post election analysis pans out as to the accuracy of these myths and predictions.

Of course, I will still be in New York for Halloween this Friday; I’m going to watch the parade and perhaps I will capture a photo of someone in what I understand to be this year’s #1 choice of fancy dress attire: The Sarah Palin outfit.  All that’s required is:

  • Hair in a bun/beehive/”up do” [“Top tip! Re-cycle last year’s Amy Winehouse wig” – as I heard on the radio this morning]
  • Glasses
  • Business suit

Optional extras: gun, moose antler, baby.  I will report back, and post a photo if I manage to take a suitable one.

Until next time,



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