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28 February 2008

Gone to rock the vote

I’ve had a very hectic week this week, in the way that one always does just prior to a holiday – there always seems to be a disproportionate amount of activity, doesn’t there?  One of the things which kept me busy was talking to Gloria from Engage magazine, www.engagemagazine.co.uk who will be publishing a feature on the Gender Advisory Council in a forthcoming edition of the magazine. I’ll post a link to it here once it appears in print.

While I’m away, there will be another “Super Tuesday” style primary in the USA.  Although obviously I’m not eligible to vote in the USA, and nor is this blog a platform for my own personal political views, I do still take an interest, particularly given the backgrounds of the two most high profile Democratic candidates.  I find the political commentary of whether America is “ready” for a female President, or “will accept” a black President to be really interesting and thought provoking, and I’ll continue to follow the coverage with interest.  Oddly enough, I was on holiday in Florida in November 2004 at the time of that Presidential election, and stayed up all night to watch the coverage.  I think that may have been the election in which Barack Obama first came to national prominence.

Here’s a photo I took on that trip on Election Day – just as relevant now.


See you next month,



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