How satisfied are banks with their surveillance solutions?

Following on from my previous blog, I wanted to share some further findings from our 2019 Market Abuse Surveillance Survey.

In the two years since our last report, the 21 banks surveyed have implemented a range of vendor solutions seeking to embed effective surveillance. Indeed an entire surveillance vendor ecosystem has emerged with numerous market entrants. But has this relationship between the vendors and banks been successful in delivering effective surveillance?

Respondents to our survey stated that their vendor solutions had improved in the period since 2016 and they noted improvements to coverage, functionality and flexibility, and the user interfaces. However, there continue to be concerns over the volumes of high positives.

When respondents were then asked how satisfied they were with their current solutions, as opposed to simply whether or not they felt their solutions had improved; a very different picture emerged. Only 50% of respondents were satisfied with their trade surveillance solution, 45% with their e-comms solution and 40% with their voice solution.

The figures suggest that while real improvements have been made since 2016, further advances are required to close an expectations gap and increase satisfaction levels across the surveillance community.

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