Kick start your IFRS 17 training with PwC’s e-learning for insurers

26 January 2018

  • IFRS 17 will have wide reaching implications across your business and will impact staff involved with your systems, data and processes, not just finance and your IFRS 17 project team.
  • A common level of understanding will get you on the right track to ensuring your IFRS 17 project achieves its objectives and budget.
  • Training people on a timely basis does not need to be difficult, we have developed seven IFRS 17 e-learning modules to educate both senior managers and staff, where and when they need it.

It’s clear that IFRS 17 transition will impact a wide range of teams in some way, including Financial Reporting, IT, remuneration, investor relations and FP&A teams. Significant planning is required, and insurers have told us that they urgently need to improve their employees’ knowledge of the practical challenges and opportunities presented by the new standard.

Based on our own global PwC IFRS 17 training, our e-learning answers the questions we are being asked by insurers across the industry. The training materials are interactive and engaging, and you can choose which modules suit the needs of your business and the people being trained. Examples and case studies bring the training to life, enabling staff to put knowledge to use in real-life situations as you transition towards compliance with the new standard.

The seven e-learning modules are available on a subscription basis for individual users, which includes use of PwC’s Learning Management System for access anytime, anywhere. Alternatively, for a one off fee, we can provided the modules for unlimited use for teams across your business on your in-house learning platform.

Download more details of our IFRS 17 e-learning here to find out how you can accelerate your team’s understanding of IFRS 17.  Alternatively if you’d like to discuss or arrange a demonstration please do get in touch.

Tom Tyler | Director
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