Preventing and responding to economic crime: the Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

14 October 2016

Understanding your organisation’s threat landscape
As part of the PwC Fraud Academy in the South East, we bring you a series of short video briefings with the aim of helping businesses prevent, detect and investigate fraud and economic crime. Our first video was published last week, if you have not had a chance to view it you can watch it here.

Preventing and responding to economic crime: the Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

Our Global Economic Crime Survey looks at what is fuelling economic crime.

UK results for 2016 show that internal fraudsters are getting older and more senior, and more capable of circumventing the rules. They also show that the external threat is rising with perpetrators using new technologies to commit crime. So whilst most traditional frauds have fallen since 2014, cybercrime has risen dramatically, and HR and accounting fraud are also increasing.

In this second short video as part of the Fraud academy briefings, Jonathan Holmes, Partner in Forensic Services, introduces us the Global Economic Crime Survey, looks at what is fuelling economic crime and talks through how the findings of the survey can help businesses prevent and respond to economic crime.





About Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan is a forensic chartered accountant with over 15 years of experience at PwC across a broad range of investigations, disputes and contract reviews.

Jonathan spent a year on secondment to the Financial Services Authority, forensically analysing and investigating the PPI market.

Jonathan has Forensic analysis experience in relation to corporate fraud investigations, accounting irregularities, bribery and corruption investigations (including FCPA) and professional negligence investigations. He has worked across a broad range of industries and sectors including: central government, financial services, insurance, pharma, real estate, private equity and logistics.


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