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12 November 2013

Finance to “question” rather than always provide the “answers”

I think it's important to recognise that the finance leaders and CFOs of today are operating in a much more fluid and broader environment. Traditionally finance leaders have been responsible to shareholders and now they are answerable to a much broader stakeholder group – regulators, consumer groups, interest groups and...

19 September 2013

Live webcast: how new regulation will impact in 2013

On Monday 23 September, we will be hosting a live webcast to discuss the variety of new narrative reporting requirements that significantly change the way companies will have to report to the market during the next reporting cycle. We will also consider the implementation challenges that many are already facing....

08 July 2013

Finance function of the future

By Brian Furness | At a time when growth opportunities are hard to identify and even harder to capitalise upon, finance is being challenged more than ever to give businesses the edge. The challenges from new and existing stakeholders around conventional approaches to reporting are also putting increased pressure on...