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12 January 2017

Robotics....a transformation opportunity or just an extra layer of complexity?

I seem to be involved in conversations every day about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of processing and reporting errors. The whole of the financial services sector regardless of the size, complexity, underlying business or geographical footprint is interested in the topic. Many...

25 November 2015

What does a janitor have in common with a CFO?

By Brian Furness Last week we held out 4th Finance Leaders’ Summit which looked at how digital and technology are changing the role of Finance and how the function operates. These changes will impact all areas of Finance, including your financial reporting teams, business partners, and your shared services or...

07 October 2015

Finance in the fast lane

By Brian Furness In mid-September, Brian Hatton, Steve Crook and I hosted a dinner for a number of senior finance professionals from a broad group of our clients across a number of industries. The dinner was held with our alliance partner SAP and the topic for debate was around how...

12 June 2014

From integrated reporting to integrated decision making?

By Brian Furness Simon Seymour and I hosted our quarterly UK 100 Group Finance Forum 3 June. The discussion topic over dinner covered the role of finance in driving integrated decision making in an organisation. We've all heard of integrated reporting and although it's difficult to do for many given...

31 October 2013

What are your top areas of focus for Finance?

Please take part in the first of a series of finance-related polls. The results will be published on our Finance Matters website which you can access here >> www.pwc.co.uk/financematters customer survey Contact Brian Furness +44 (0) 20 7212 3917

08 July 2013

Finance function of the future

By Brian Furness | At a time when growth opportunities are hard to identify and even harder to capitalise upon, finance is being challenged more than ever to give businesses the edge. The challenges from new and existing stakeholders around conventional approaches to reporting are also putting increased pressure on...

17 June 2013

Finance Matters - Finance leaders meet in Berlin

By Brian Furness Last week I attended the PwC Finance Leaders Summit in Berlin. The two day summit attracted around 150 delegates from across Europe representing a wide range of industries. The conference covered a number of topics from restructuring banks to cyber terrorism and even launching people into space...