30 March 2016


At PwC’s Finance Leaders’ Summit in London, 62% of Finance Leaders either agree or strongly agree that the advancement of process automation will impact their business in the next 12 – 24 months.

I regularly talk to clients about Digital Finance and have seen several, including PwC, adopt a software robotics solution as the first step towards embarking on a Digital Finance transformation. It is fair to say it’s not a question of if but when. My observations of the market are as follows:

We are only at the beginning of the Software Robotics revolution

Software Robotics has already established a foothold in Industry, but we are only at the beginning of a journey to fully understand it’s potential. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate; standing still and not investing in this technology is not an option, if you don’t move quickly you will lose competitive advantage.

Software Robotics is low investment and quick to realise ROI

This is a business-led investment and initiative. However unlike traditional on-site implementations, it does not require the extensive investment or time associated with build, deployment and testing. Business users can learn how to run, maintain and deploy Software Robotics in weeks.

Implement a Pilot programmes and trial the benefits in your business

The market is buoyant across all sectors and there is an overwhelming desire by my clients to ‘see, touch, and feel’. Enterprises are embarking on a pilot to initially comprehend this solution and its applicability within their business.

Don’t forget about your sourcing strategy!

If you have an existing SSC infrastructure you should deploy Software Robotics. If you are considering sourcing you cannot ignore the robotics approach. For in-scope processes, the underlying economics of a robotic solution are radically more compelling vs. a low cost SSC option

Over the past 20 years various models have evolved which have challenged how we deliver a quality service to the business, customers and our employees. Robotic Process automation is the fresh challenge for the digital age and it is a compelling one. However, this is just one step into an even more exciting digital journey, where deploying Software Robotics/Artificial Intelligence solutions is at the heart of businesses beating the competition.


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Anish Shah, is an experienced Senior Manager at PwC Consulting. He leads the Software Robotics initiative within the UK firm, designing and deploying solutions for enterprises as part of their Digital transformation journey globally.

To discuss any of the content in this article, please contact Anish on +447595611377 or [email protected]

Anish shahAnish Shah
Senior Manager, Finance Consulting


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