Finance Matters - Finance leaders meet in Berlin

17 June 2013

By Brian Furness

Last week I attended the PwC Finance Leaders Summit in Berlin. The two day summit attracted around 150 delegates from across Europe representing a wide range of industries. The conference covered a number of topics from restructuring banks to cyber terrorism and even launching people into space (although not CFO's admittedly!). I also had the opportunity to present a view on the future of finance and the 4 key principles underpinning the role of finance in the current "challenging" economic, social and political climate. The paper and accompanying video can be viewed here.

For me, one of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Andy Cave, a world famous mountaineer who spoke about some of his recent expeditions and the challenges he and his teams have faced. What was particularly interesting was how our future finance principles of Navigation, Mediation, Resilience and Connectivity can even translate across to the world of extreme sports! Navigation and resilience are obviously important when you are on exposed rock faces of glaciers with little or no oxygen, in temperatures below freezing but mediation and connectivity were less obvious to me. However, the need to mediate and manage stakeholders when you have experienced climbers, guiding companies, paying clients and numerous suppliers, soon becomes apparent, as does the need for connectivity- in more ways than just the being roped together properly!

So my challenge to you is to join the debate and find your own relevance and meaning to our four future principles. Together we can try to unlock the potential of our organisations, the finance functions of tomorrow and the talented individuals that work within them.

Brian Furness:
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