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Welcome to our Treasury and Commodity Talk blog, bringing you insights from our team of professionals working across all industries. Our blog covers a wide spectrum of issues – including the impacts of market complexity and foreign exchange and commodity price volatility, changes to regulation and accounting, approaches to funding and cash management, the importance of risk management, the increasing role of technology and much more.

02 November 2018

Knowing the rules versus playing the game - the Treasurer’s role in cybercrime prevention

“The rules are important, but the increasing innovation and motivation of attackers makes it imperative to adapt our approach to security – and play a different game”. For me, this quote from Richard Horne, PwC’s Cyber Risk Partner, neatly surmises the challenges organisations face in managing cyber risk, examined in...

04 October 2018

Have you benchmarked your banking costs recently? How you can optimise your cash management

By Thomas Knudsen Have you recently reviewed your corporate banking arrangements and are you considering how you can further optimise your cash management? You probably aim to undertake a review of your banking and cash management arrangements every 3-5 years in order to check if your are getting the best...

11 September 2018

LIBOR transition roadmap update

The FCA, FSB, ISDA and the Sterling Risk Free Reference rate (RFR) Working Group issued successive communications which collectively urge action and further clarify how firms should manage the transition from LIBOR to alternative RFRs by end-2021. PwC provides analysis.

30 August 2018

Now we have survived the summer heatwave, take a fresh look at your exposure to commodity price risk and how to manage it

Many companies are concerned about their commodity price risk, what it means for their business and crucially how they can manage it. Managing this exposure is key to competitive advantage and viability of the business in the long term.

05 June 2018

Automation of the commodity trading middle office: a threat or opportunity for risk managers?

We all know that disruptive technologies are in full force and PwC, like our clients, is investing significant time in understanding the potential impact of robotics, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies on the commodity trading and risk management landscape.

17 May 2018

Implementing IFRS 16 – Treasury consideration

88% of Treasurers from our client event in March have begun their IFRS 16 implementation. This blog considers some of the key issues Treasurers are facing on their implementation journey and what their final outcome should look like.

30 April 2018

Preparing the Treasurer for IFRS16

By Christopher Raftopoulos, Sian Orr and Camila Montagni Sir David Tweedie, former Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”), once said; “One ambition before I die is to fly in an aircraft that is on an airline’s balance sheet.” Fortunately for Mr Tweedie, with the replacement of the old...

08 March 2018

Transition from LIBOR: Practical considerations for corporate treasurers

By Yvonne Welsh As has been widely reported in the Treasury Press the UK Financial Conduct Authority has decided to no longer compel panel banks to participate in the LIBOR submission process beyond the end of 2021. This is part of a drive in various jurisdictions to retire existing LIBOR...

18 January 2018

The impact of geopolitics on the Treasury agenda

By Peter Walsh In our 2017 Global Investor Survey, a companion to PwC’s 20th CEO survey, over 550 investors listed geopolitical uncertainty as the top threat to company growth prospects (the full report can be read here). With investors taking note, corporates are looking to mitigate. The development of a...

06 December 2017

Treasury: Managing a successful carve-out

By Tamas Ray In the current environment of shareholder activism, we are seeing many Corporates sell off parts of their businesses, particularly to Private Equity houses. A popular view is that they can take neglected assets and generate value by providing renewed focus and investment. I believe the Treasurer can...