Corporate simplification challenge for Lent; plus it’s a Leap Year – seize that extra day and use it

We all want to be leaner, more agile, more flexible - whether a corporate or personally. With the start of Lent; a time when many observe a 40 day period of self reflection, moderation and self discipline, this is the perfect time to step back and take stock.

My challenge - why not take this approach with your corporate structure?

2016 is a leap year so in February we gain an extra day. With both these events, February therefore seems a good time to sit back from the “business as usual” and do some taking stock. For busy directors, hard pressed finance teams, Senior Accounting Officers, company secretaries, legal counsel, why not take the time to reflect on your corporate structure and challenge yourself on:

  1. Where is there excess in my business?
  2. What is clunky and really should be purged?
  3. What entities could I benefit from giving up?

Having considered the above, why not then take action? Use the benefit of that extra day we have on 29th February to make a positive start to clearing away those entities that are redundant or legacy to your business? In 40 days you could have categorised your entities into (1) keep (2) consolidate, and for (3) redundant/surplus, and commenced liquidation processes if required.

Come next February you’ll be able to admire the leaner, more agile corporate structure you have achieved so make the most of that extra day which only comes round every 4 years.

Does your corporate structure need reviewing? Share your thoughts below or schedule a meeting to discuss your situation in confidence.

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