Webcast: Volatile and depressed oil prices – what’s the future for oil field services companies?

During 2015 we’ve seen a marked increase in restructuring activity in the oil and gas sector as a consequence of depressed and volatile oil prices. To date, much of this activity has been focused on the exploration and production sector. But, as highlighted in our Oil and Gas webcast released in March 2015, we predicted this would soon start to have a knock on impact on those in the oil field services (OFS) sector. 

We are now seeing increased restructuring activity amongst these companies. Our short webcast below examines the issues that companies in the sector need to look out for, and gives our predictions for the rest of 2015.

Watch our July 2015 webcast to find out more on:

  • the impact of oil price uncertainty;
  • the economics of operations in the current oil price environment – and where operators can cut costs;
  • the size of the possible reduction in oil field services return on capital; and
  • drilling rig utilisation in the sector.

OFS Webcast









Watch the webcast here

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What’s been your experience of the OFS sector recently in light of the depressed oil price? How long do you expect it to continue? Share your thoughts below or schedule a meeting to discuss your situation in confidence.

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