IT systems - Just how integral to integration success are they?

In a recent survey by my US counterparts almost two thirds (65%) of senior executive respondents at Fortune 1000 companies characterised their mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as being significantly successful from a strategic standpoint. However, less than half (49%) reported significant success in achieving financial goals and only just over a third (35%) reported significant success in realising their operational goals.


Strategic goals can often be achieved by ‘doing the deal’ and financial goals, while more elusive, are often focused on realising shorter term synergies. But long term sustainable deal value comes from achieving operational goals which in my experience are always underpinned by a significant IT integration.


But just how crucial is IT system integration to M&A success? Recently Financier Worldwide moderated a discussion between me and PwC director Aaron Huykman on post-merger IT integration.


We discussed:


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What issues have you encountered with IT systems during M&A integration? Did you achieve operational success? What advice would you give to those about to embark on the journey you’ve had? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below or schedule a meeting if you’d like to discuss your upcoming integration.

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