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Businesses cannot hope to be compliant with data protection law if they do not track regulatory enforcement actions, policy developments and court decisions. This is where the detailed requirements of the law are found and they are developing at a rapid pace. If you do not track these developments, you will soon be out of date and perhaps non-compliant with the law.

We are pleased to publish our 2014 Enforcement Tracker, which reviews all of the Information Commissioner's data protection enforcement cases last year.  The Tracker also incorporates insights from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as highlighting the top ten themes that appeared in EU regulatory guidance last year, which we believe are likely to feature in enforcement cases very soon. The link to the Tracker is at the foot of this article.

You will see that the introduction to the Tracker is titled “2014: The year of citizen, regulator and judicial activism”. We perceive the trend towards activist behaviour in the markets to be the biggest catalyst to legal change. Activists have the capacity to change the legal landscape beyond all recognition. Businesses need strategies to cope with the activist behaviours and the contentious aspects of the law, but it's our view that most businesses are distinctly lacking in this area.

At PwC and PwC Legal we have developed strategies and methodologies to help businesses to cope with the rapid changes in the legal landscape.  We are unique in our ability to provide multi-disciplinary expert support on data protection matters all over the world, which includes cutting edge legal advice from PwC Legal in most jurisdictions.

In the UK, our professional services are grouped around four areas:

  1. Regulatory Reform Readiness - helping businesses with 'privacy transformations' to ensure that they remain legally compliant during this era of unprecedented global legal change.
  2. MyDPO - helping the Data Protection Officer function in business with the development and delivery of strategy, methodology, process and controls for legal compliance.
  3. Breach Aid - our multi-disciplinary 'one stop shop' for handling any kind of serious data protection or cyber security incident.
  4. Disputes and Defence - supporting business with the contentious aspects of data protection, such as regulatory investigations and enforcement actions; the exercise of data subject rights and complaints; and dispute resolution.

As well as publishing the Tracker and this blog, we provide our clients with free access to our monthly Privacy and Security Breakfast Briefings and regular email updates. If you want to know more about how you can join our exclusive community, please contact me.

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