Connecting with senior females in data

21 May 2018


For a long time we’ve thought about how do we really connect with more like-minded female technologists who all share the same passion for data, analytics and emerging technology.

There are many events that we could, and often do attend, however, as senior females in data, we really want to understand how we can make a difference. As two of the female data leaders at PwC, last month we hosted the first gathering for ‘female leaders in data’ in our offices at Embankment Place. We recognise how important it is to form support networks, particularly with female peers, given there are fewer women in senior technology roles.

In the inaugural event we were joined by a group of senior women in some of the top data roles across a variety of industries for an evening of good food and even better conversation.

There was a buzz in the room as we got to know each other and realised how many of us shared the same challenges. From how we should best structure analytics, insights and data management teams, to recruiting and leading a growing diversity of talent.

As we sat down for dinner, we discussed the benefits of data management platforms, and the positioning of data often as the intersect between IT and the business in organisations. We agreed that as data professionals it’s imperative that we focus on the business question at hand and the value that data can bring to answering that business question, rather than the data per se.

We discussed that to really understand data and its role in the business requires a level of multidimensional thinking, an area where females may be particularly skilled. Experiences were shared of where and how to outsource capability in order to demonstrate a quick return on investment. As the night drew to a close, data ethics came up as a topic in terms of how to use data in an ethical manner both internally within organisations as well as in the data supply chain.

We’ll be holding these events quarterly, with our next one being scheduled in London in July, where one hot topic we plan to discuss is how to recruit and nurture more female talent. If you or a colleague are interested in attending, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

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