Are you a woman in the security industry?

16 September 2014


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Only last week, Elizabeth France, Chairman of the Security Industry Authority spoke of the need to improve gender equality within the security world, with women representing less than 9% of the industry.

Our vision for the Women’s Security Society was to create a supportive and welcoming multidisciplinary environment for female security professionals to come together from across the industry.

There are of course cultural phenomenons within the security industry which women may need to learn to navigate. The WSS does not however dwell on the negatives but seeks to encourage women to recognise their achievements through sharing their knowledge, and by exploring opportunities in the wider security sector which previously they may have considered to be out of reach. We have a determined board of directors who reflect the diversity of roles within security, including representatives from academia, the public sector and commerce.

Whilst our primary objective is the advancement of women in security, our events are not exclusively for females and a healthy number of men attend too. In recognition of this we appointed our first male board member earlier this year. Feedback from past events confirms that we are achieving our vision; both male and female members comment that the Society has helped them to take a first step into networking, an activity that not everyone is immediately comfortable with.

Looking forward to our event this week hosted at PwC, we have an exciting and eclectic mix of guest speakers: PwC’s Lead Partner for International Aid Development Consulting Andy Woodfield. Lisa Jones a member of Women on Boards UK Advisory Group and a trustee to the London based charity Regenerate. Chris Hunter holder of the Queen’s Gallantry Medal awarded for his actions during a bomb disposal tour of Iraq. Since retiring from the military Chris has become a motivational speaker, author and broadcaster who regularly contributes to current affairs programmes.

Building on the success of our networking events we are launching a pilot mentoring scheme. If you would consider mentoring one of our members, have any themes in mind for future events or other ideas to strengthen the prospects of women in the industry please contact us at: [email protected]

Membership of the WSS is free, and due to the generous support of our sponsors our events are free to attend. For more information please visit: