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Can’t trust business leaders? 8 reasons why you should

Author: Suzanne Snowden, Director, Global Thought Leadership The end of one year and the start of the next is always a good time to take stock of one’s activities (that includes me!). I’ve been asking myself: How have I spent my time this past year? What are the things I’ve...


Seven skills needed for tomorrow's CEO

Author: Suzanne Snowden, Director, Global Thought Leadership As the New Year unfolds, I can’t help thinking about the challenging environment business leaders around the world are facing in 2015. Crude oil has fallen by more than 50% over the last few months. Market prospects in key geographies have ebbed and...


What’s the 'next big thing' for business? Have your say at #CEOSurvey

Author: Suzanne Snowden, Global Thought Leadership Business leaders and consumers alike have come through the hardest and longest recession since the last world war. As growth and stability start to return to global markets, business leaders can take stock and look further ahead (and perhaps around the corner) to consider...