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Searching for pockets of opportunity

After a week in Davos for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, I took off on Saturday for a trip to Asia to see if the prognostications in an Alpine ski resort held true in the real world. Here in Asia, we remain in the relatively early stages of economic...


Today’s CEOs worry more, and have more to worry about

CEOs are more concerned about threats beyond their control. But is investing in trying to predict the future the best option? Not necessarily. If it seems to you as though disasters are striking with increasing frequency and severity, you’re partially right. Some of it’s a matter of perception. For example,...


Making a case for resilience

I’ve been reflecting on the findings of this year’s CEO Survey and believe that the results make a case for resilience as a key business strategy. I remember about a decade ago being told by a very successful CEO that his company’s global growth strategy was to make bets in...