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Competition in the TMT industry isn’t what it used to be: Key insights from our CEO Survey

Author: Brad Silver, Global TMT Leader As software and new technology become the lifeblood for all companies, CEOs are keenly aware of the challenge to sustain prominence in their own fields. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors. Fifty-four percent of TMT CEOs...


Software greasing the wheels for Technology, Media and Telecom transformation

Author: Brad Silver, Global TICE Leader Technology, Media, and Telecommunications: just thinking of these industries brings to mind legendary innovators, scrappy startups, emerging technology, and creativity in the pursuit of the solutions of the future. But we’re not alone anymore… Software is fueling the development of technology and services-based business...


Are you playing the new game of global tech?

Authors: Brad Silver, Global TICE Leader and Dr. Florian Gröne, Advisor to Executives for Strategy& You run a major technology company that sells a standard line of computer hardware and networking equipment to large enterprises. But sales are falling and margins are contracting. Why? You look around and realize that...