Leadership, resilience and integrity

Author: Dennis Chesley - Global Risk Consulting Leader Dennis-chesley

What do Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, and Mahatma Gandhi share in common? Of course, they shine as exemplars of political, technological, and social progress over the past century. They also top the list of historical and literary figures most admired by today’s CEOs, according to PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Their respective paths to leadership began in worlds markedly different from ours, and that change continues to accelerate. Today’s world is arguably more peaceful, technologically-advanced, and equitable than it was in the twentieth century. However, geopolitical conflict continues to threaten us, technology has introduced new problems alongside new solutions, and more than a billion people continue to live in extreme poverty. Today’s CEOs recognise that in a volatile and uncertain world, they have much to learn from Churchill’s resolve amid crisis, Jobs’ adaptation to change, and Gandhi’s unwavering commitment to justice. More than ever, the job description of a CEO is not confined to that of business person. CEOs today also at turns must be politicians, problem-solvers, and philanthropists, among many other roles. In short, today’s CEOs consider resilience and integrity to be critical qualities of the twenty-first century business leader.

That’s why we’ve launched a series of articles and conversations with innovators within PwC and thought leaders outside of PwC about the value of resilience and integrity in our world today. The pieces explore the personal, professional, and systemic importance of integrity to resilient business and society. I hope you’ll visit our site at www.pwc.com/resilience to join the conversation.

Dennis Chesley is the Global Leader for Risk Consulting Services.


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