Resilience: winning with risk

I’ve just read that much of Pakistan was plunged into darkness for two hours on Sunday when the nation’s electricity network broke down. The government blamed the electric companies, and the companies blamed underinvestment in infrastructure. But, regardless of who was at fault, both daily life and ‘business as usual’ were disrupted without warning.

On this occasion the fault was a technical one, but according to one news report, the extensive nature of the blackout caused some to fear there’d been a terrorist attack or a military coup. Thankfully there hadn’t, but it’s a reminder of the interconnected and global nature of the changes and challenges that test a nation’s, an organisation’s or an individual’s resilience.

In the third issue of PwC’s Resilience: Winning with risk – which launched at our CEO and Chairman breakfast in Davos during the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting – Lee Howell of the WEF introduces a framework for evaluating country resilience. Whether you’re involved in strategising about global growth or in managing global risks, and whether you’re a business person, policymaker, or academic, this article – and the rest of the issue – is a provocative and important read for you. The issue also includes perspectives from:

To borrow from the title of the Holliday interview, I hope Resilience: Winning with risk helps you “keep the lights on” in your organisation and its operating environment. I look forward to hearing what you think about it and welcome your comments.

Dennis Chesley
Global Risk Services Leader
Email: Dennis Chesley


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