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29 October 2018

Could radical innovation be stifled by operational resilience regulation?

Could radical innovation be stifled by operational resilience regulation?

24 October 2017

What does GDPR mean for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Leaders?

By Hilary Coote and Charley Newnham Our systems, records, planning and our plans often contain personal information, allowing us to reach our people quickly and use individuals and teams to respond to incidents and crises. It may also include other information such as assets tied to individuals and teams, and...

20 June 2017

Talking Resilience: when an outage becomes a crisis, how deep should we dig for root cause?

By Charley Newnham & Gitesh Khodiyar IT outages are nothing new. Just think about your own organisation. You know they happen a lot, they just aren’t as public as some that we’ve seen in the news recently. What happens after an outage is generally dictated by the extent to which...

18 May 2017

Cyber confessions from a Resilience, BCM and crisis leader

By Charley Newnham at PwC I am worried. I don’t know enough about “cyber”. Is this going to hurt my career? These are three thoughts that I confess I’ve had, and I know that I am not alone on this issue. In my case, these thoughts are not recent. In...

17 March 2017

What does the future hold for business continuity management professionals?

By Charley Newnham In the summer of 2016 the BCI and PwC came together to tackle a question that has been in the air for some time: has the emergence of interest in organisational resilience altered the career paths of those working in Business Continuity Management (BCM)? And whether it...

16 November 2016

Crisis communications – where to start?

By Tom Wootton The opportunities to learn from the crisis leadership experience of others are few and far between, but a couple of weeks ago I was privileged to hear someone talk about their recent experience in a powerful way. Crisis communications is a subject where companies are facing greater...

11 November 2016

BCI and PwC summer survey statistics: what’s the future for BCM professionals?

By Charley Newnham and Martin Caddick Were you at BCI World Conference this week? During the conference, we shared some of the findings from the BCI and PwC summer survey on the future of Business Continuity Management (BCM). We also promised you, during our blog series before the event that...

03 November 2016

Is it time for BCM functions to expand their remit?

By Charley Newnham Follow @CharleyOrgRes Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been teasing you with some statistics from the BCI and PwC summer survey, which was on the future of BCM. Deborah Higgins and I are going to share a heap of new statistics and insights at the BCI...

21 October 2016

The gender gap in BCM and Resilience (72% men, 28% women)

By Charley Newnham Follow @CharleyOrgRes A couple of weeks ago I asked my connections on LinkedIn why they thought there were more men working in the Operational Resilience and, specifically, the Business Continuity Management space. The first response didn’t provide input but questioned the statement itself. They asked; how could...

07 March 2016

Resilience research: only 25% believe their organisation will always deliver the same core services

By Charley Newnham PwC recently joined with London First to learn more about how the topic of ‘organisational resilience’ is perceived in the industry, and how resilient leaders and managers believe their organisations to be. This is the first article in a series of four that draws directly on that...