PwC wins ‘BCM Consulting Firm of the Year’ 3 years in a row

03 January 2017

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Our multiple award-winning Business Continuity Management (BCM) team is delighted to have received another accolade for its work: being named BCM Consulting Firm of the Year from Corporate Livewire for the third year running. This is one of a string of over 20 awards our Crisis and Business Continuity group has won in the last four years – not bad for a team that only started up in 2010!

What is particularly pleasing is that these awards are based on votes from readers and subscribers to the publications from various industries. It reflects the growth in our positioning in the fields of resilience, business continuity and crisis management.

As we enter into 2017, the question for me is, how can we use our expertise to help improve the standing of our industry? With this in mind, I have three goals for the team as we look to the future:

  1. To improve the connections between resilience and the Board
    This means showing how things we do have relevance to the Board – linking operational activities to resilience outcomes, such as agility and trust.
  2. To have a more joined up approach to resilience
    I want to build a better understanding between protective disciplines with shared goals and priorities to cut costs and improve decision making. 
  3. To improve the appeal of our industry and career prospects of our professionals
    Working with the BCI (Business Continuity Institute) and other bodies, I want to see our industry become more appealing to graduates, to nurture future talent and for people working in our industry to be sought after for their business understanding and expertise. 

Our focus on Enterprise Resilience is key to achieving these goals, but not at the expense of losing touch with the underlying competencies relating to risk, crisis and business continuity management.
Over the last seven years, I have seen a number of people spend time in the team as a step in their careers, and I am particularly proud of what they are achieving in their subsequent roles building on what they learnt.  This seems to encapsulate the three goals above, as we move ahead into 2017 I hope to continue seeing these achievements.

Martin Caddick |Director, Enterprise Resilience & Business Continuity Management, PwC
 +44 (0)20 7804 6547


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