BCI and PwC summer survey statistics: what’s the future for BCM professionals?

11 November 2016

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Were you at BCI World Conference this week? During the conference, we shared some of the findings from the BCI and PwC summer survey on the future of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

We also promised you, during our blog series before the event that we’d pop a copy of the slides we used on here.

Click here to download the slides. 

Contained therein are quite a few, but some of those we discussed at the conference were:

  • The industry seems to be more male dominated than many of us realised, 72% male v 28% female; (read about it here)
  • It’s getting even more important to work closely with Risk, Security, Information Security and IT; (read about it here)
  • 62% of respondents say it’s becoming more important for BCM functions to expand their remits beyond traditional BCM activity; (read about it here)
  • We’re a pretty qualified bunch: 78% have a degree, 28% have a masters and 66% are seeking more qualifications and accreditations;
  • Crisis management and IT resilience are increasingly more important for BCM leaders to focus on;
  • Of those respondents that plan to move jobs in the next two years, 59% wish to remain working in their current specialist area;
  • Of those that told us of their long term career aspirations, 44% indicated that they expect to be working closely with or across more than one of the operational resilience/protective disciplines; (e.g. BCM, Risk, Crisis, IT Resilience, Security, Information Security)
  • 56% believe that the growing interest in ‘resilience’ increases career options for BCM professionals – this goes up to 66% for those delivering BCM in-house.

We’ll post more insights from the workshop held during the conference where some of these statistics were debated and discussed in due course.

If you want a fuller report – the one that includes a little more insight and conversation, debate from conference workshops and more statistics – drop us an email and let us know, and we will send it to you when it’s issued.

Charley Newnham | Enterprise Resilience | [email protected]

Martin Caddick | Enterprise Resilience | [email protected]

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