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29 October 2018

Could radical innovation be stifled by operational resilience regulation?

Could radical innovation be stifled by operational resilience regulation?

05 October 2018

The increasing exposure to ethical and compliance risks in the extended enterprise

By Amr Mousa and David Andersen We have all seen how advances in technology and e-commerce over recent years have made it increasingly easy for companies to reach and penetrate new markets. However, we have witnessed from working with our clients a growing counter-trend: the ability to identify, assess and...

24 September 2018

Understanding the changing landscape of Compliance for Financial Services

By Paul Atkinson and Duncan Scott The results of the 2018 State of Compliance Study from PwC are in, and this year's report highlights some significant new developments for Financial Services (FS) Organisations. From our experience of working with clients in the FS sector, compliance continues to grow in stature...

23 July 2018

PwC's State of Compliance Report 2018: Technology at the heart of innovation in compliance; are you a Leader?

By Nicola Shield, UK Governance, Risk and Compliance Leader at PwC Organisations face a rapidly evolving compliance landscape, with new technologies and a rapid pace of change meaning businesses need to be on the ball when it comes to managing their exposure to emerging compliance risks. As a result, PwC...

24 October 2017

What does GDPR mean for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Leaders?

By Hilary Coote and Charley Newnham Our systems, records, planning and our plans often contain personal information, allowing us to reach our people quickly and use individuals and teams to respond to incidents and crises. It may also include other information such as assets tied to individuals and teams, and...

20 June 2017

Talking Resilience: when an outage becomes a crisis, how deep should we dig for root cause?

By Charley Newnham & Gitesh Khodiyar IT outages are nothing new. Just think about your own organisation. You know they happen a lot, they just aren’t as public as some that we’ve seen in the news recently. What happens after an outage is generally dictated by the extent to which...

19 May 2017

Cyber: learning to speak a new BCM and crisis leadership language

By Lawrence Luscombe at PwC “Find an interpreter or at least learn the basics of the language. Even both.” This sounded like solid advice as I eavesdropped on my colleague’s phone call, imagining the anonymous recipient gearing up for an expedition across the Andes or preparing for an arduous...

18 May 2017

Cyber confessions from a Resilience, BCM and crisis leader

By Charley Newnham at PwC I am worried. I don’t know enough about “cyber”. Is this going to hurt my career? These are three thoughts that I confess I’ve had, and I know that I am not alone on this issue. In my case, these thoughts are not recent. In...

17 May 2017

How to get your Board to be cyber-savvy

By Peter White, Senior Manager at PwC Every week it seems there is another significant data breach or cyber-attack hitting the headline with the CEO having to explain what went wrong and what their organisation is doing about it. But the damage has been done and there some companies where...

16 May 2017

What happens to BCM when the cyber response isn’t exercised?

By Tom Wootton and Per-Olof Ahlstrom at PwC I recently reviewed the Business Continuity Management (BCM) and crisis management programme of an organisation with operations across the UK. As I did so, I was asked to keep an eye on how they may cope if they were compromised by a...