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01 December 2014

The agility dividend

By Edouard Messou, Territory Senior Partner for PwC in sub-Saharan Francophone Africa and Pierre-Antoine Balu, Partner with PwC France and PwC Francophone Africa A demographic boom, changing regulation, new consumer needs, the war for talent, disruptive technologies, urbanisation, new competitors… African companies are facing an accelerated pace of change. These...

12 October 2014

From recognising potential to achieving growth

By Edouard Messou, Territory Senior Partner, PwC Francophone Africa Market region Favourable growth prospects in Africa, especially in the context of the global economic crisis, have put the spotlight on Africa. We could not record the number of reports, press articles and top executive interviews over the past months alone...

27 August 2014

The war for talent, a key challenge for african CEOs

By Edouard Messou, Territory Senior Partner, PwC Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa African economies have been transformed since the 80s. Today, Africa has become the "ultimate frontier" to conquer and the growth rates seen in many countries continue to attract investors. For historical reasons during their development, certain countries have been faced...