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Are you often at events and meetings where you are the only women? We have a gender balance problem in technology, which is not unique to PwC. This blog aims to share what we are doing about it at PwC from the men and women who work in technology at PwC.

08 December 2015


We’ve got 1.5 million people working in tech in London at the moment, and we need another million in the UK by 2020 – it’s a big ask, and is part of what drives me in my role as CEO of Code First: Girls. We work with companies as well as with young and professional women, to help increase the number of women in tech. We do this to make sure that no one is missing out on amazing female tech talent.

26 October 2015

Two voices - One Conversation

By Rachel Weir It shouldn’t be a question of men verses women. We aren’t trying to outdo the men. We are simply trying to level the playing field. This is a conversation I have had multiple times, not just with colleagues and clients but also in my personal life. When...

22 July 2015

Technology: A Global Language

By Emma Wakefield I joined the Women in Technology initiative shortly after joining PwC last year. Diversity is something that I feel very strongly about – at University I studied a languages degree where as a female, I was unsurprisingly in the majority and the consulting graduate scheme has a...

01 June 2015

Women in Technology: What it means to me

By Sheridan Ash I’m often asked about my thoughts on Women in Technology. The challenges faced. How I juggle work and home life. I work in the health sector, mainly with National Health Service organisations, but also with the pharmaceutical industry. I also lead the Women in Technology initiative at...

‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’

By Laura Mc Aneney A few weeks ago I attended a HeForShe event hosted by PwC and Broadminded. Ian Powell and various other industry leads made up the discussion panel and over 200 men and women turned up for the event which aimed to showcase the importance of gender equality...

An introduction to our new Women in technology blog

We have a gender balance problem in technology, not unique to PwC. Please watch this short video to find out more.