G8 & climate change: a decision for another day.

19 June 2013

Richard Gledhill reflects on the G8 summit's close in Northern Ireland.

Though climate change didn't make it to the main agenda in Lough Erne, eclipsed by negotiations on Syria and on taxes, the G8 Communique issued at the conclusion of the summit includes a shopping list of important actions and pledges, as well as a sobering report card on the international negotiations (essentially "Must try harder").

The Communique also flagged how climate change is increasing economic and security risks internationally. At PwC we've been looking at how climate change overseas could impact the UK. (Our research was commissioned by Defra, as part of the Government's National Adaptation Programme). We found that international threats and opportunities could be an order of magnitude larger than domestic impacts, particularly for business and for food - essentially climate change is a risk and opportunity multiplier.

The report calls for more research into vulnerabilities and resilience, and calls for a coordinated response from business and the public sector, in the UK and internationally.

You can read the report by following this link or read a blog from my colleague Dan Hamza - Goodacre on the report at this link.