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03 November 2015

Ask not what to do with all the cash, but what the cash can do for your company… in a risky environment

It’s not even a decade since businesses started amassing cash as a buffer against volatile markets. Now sitting atop piles of surplus corporate cash, corporate treasurers are asking what to do with it to make it perform. But the world today is equally volatile, argues PwC’s Peter Frank, and in this article he suggests some questions to ask first in guiding strategic decisions about cash.

30 October 2015

Who wants food regulations when growth is on the menu?

In early September, the US Food and Drug Administration finalised new rules that for the first time will require US food manufacturers to develop and implement detailed plans to prevent foodborne illness. How can they turn this requirement into an opportunity to grow and take advantage of change?

01 July 2015

Using risk, compliance and regulatory data to strengthen organisational resilience

As a result of risk, regulatory and compliance activities, financial institutions possess much of the data they need to strengthen their long-term organisational resilience.

17 June 2015

Seven good novels that will make you a more resilient leader

A recommended list of novels that might just make you a more resilient leader from the co-editor of PwC’s Resilience Journal.

01 May 2015

Crises happen, are you prepared?

When a crisis hits your organisation, how will you find out about it as a board member? Through employees, customers, or maybe virally through social media? Hopefully though, your organisation has a well-prepared and well-rehearsed crisis plan, in which case you will most likely learn about the facts of the crisis speedily and directly from the organisation’s authorised incident “commander” or spokesperson.

29 April 2015

Five traits that might indicate you’re a resilience builder

By Dennis Chesley More risk or more opportunity, what do you see in the near future? When we asked 1,322 CEOs this question as part of PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey this year, the response showed that business leaders are almost evenly split. 59% see greater risk this year...

26 February 2015

Resilience, being cost efficient and responsive, to avoid sitting on the dock of the bay

by Sally Bernstein, Glen Goldbach and Kelvin Harris A tentative deal has been reached in the West Coast ports dispute. While full recovery is anticipated to take many months, container congestion can finally begin easing. Retailers, consumer packaged goods businesses and manufacturers across America can breathe a cautious sigh of...

19 December 2014

(Un)predictions for the new year

There were events in 2014 that even the savviest forecasters couldn’t have predicted. If we can’t predict what’s coming, we should just aim to be both vigilant and resilient.

27 October 2014

Is Treasury the hidden jewel in resilience planning?

Adaptability, agility, reliability are some of the characteristics of a resilient organisation. Here’s how your treasury and finance teams can help you build them.

22 October 2014

PwC to Update COSO Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework

COSO has elected PwC to lead the process of reviewing and updating its Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

29 August 2014

Social listening: Real-time market intelligence

Social listening means learning how to listen, and what to listen for.

25 July 2014

ASEAN on the Upswing: Highlights from the WEF Conference on East Asia

Southeast Asia is on an economic and demographic upswing, outpacing the rest of the world in growth. The upcoming ASEAN common market will only intensify the trend.

18 July 2014

What the Brazil-Germany World Cup match can teach us about resilience

Are there lessons to be learned for businesses from the stunning Brazil-Germany 2014 World Cup semi-final match? Yes, and far more than you might imagine.

12 June 2014

Big Data: Big problem or big opportunity?

Big Data offers previously unthinkable opportunities for companies. It also brings serious risks when it comes to your customers’ privacy expectations. Which makes it a perfect case study for strategic resilience — and win-win solutions

23 May 2014

The Earth is resilient. But is your organisation?

Climate change is not just an Earth issue. It’s also a people issue, and an organisational one, says Jeff Senne, PwC’s corporate responsibility strategy leader.

09 May 2014

Growth versus ‘good growth’: A world of difference

Is growth always a good thing? This seemingly obvious question actually invites us to a deeper, more nuanced consideration of what, in a world of growing large-scale risks, constitutes true prosperity — and perhaps to refocus our strategies on more resilient outcomes. In this article, PwC UK directors Mark Ambler,...

26 March 2014

Shouting “Fire!” in a Crowded Web

Hyperconnectivity allows unprecedented speed and reach in disseminating information. But what about false information? How do you put out a digital wildfire?

07 March 2014

Why protecting your business processes from fraud can bolster your resilience

PwC Global Forensics Services partner Steven Skalak reviews the results of our latest economic crime survey, and maps the resilience connection.

21 January 2014

Sustainability and Risk Management: Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieve True Resilience

Sustainability and ERM have a lot in common, but they speak different languages. Bringing them together can unlock long-term risk resilience and opportunity for you.

13 December 2013

Why managing your most critical suppliers requires a strategic approach

by Mitzi Campbell You’ve just finished a gruelling competitive proposal process that took months to negotiate. Your business case to executive leadership, business units and functional stakeholders required significant selling. There were times where you didn’t even know which negotiation was more challenging — the one with the supplier or...