Planetary Resilience: The Ultimate Systemic Resilience

18 July 2013

Like some of our previous authors, Professor Katrin Muff, Dean of the Business School Lausanne, is concerned with system-level resilience.


But for Katrin, the ultimate system is Planet Earth . In her view, focusing on the long-term survival of a business without first addressing the long-term survival of the planet doesn’t make much sense. As she puts it, succinctly, in her article, “What good does it do a single business, sector, industry or business as a global system if we survive at the expense of other sub-systems or even the bigger system itself?”


Whereas others have focused on the ways in which public-private collaborations can improve organisational and system-level resilience, Katrin rightly notes the important role that visionary business leaders can play — and indeed, are playing — in shifting the focus from making products with, as she put it, “questionable societal or environmental contributions,” to developing products and services that “truly contribute to the well-being of all living things on Earth.”


A provocative view, and one that is hard to ignore. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

Read the Article | Meet Katrin Muff | Meet Dennis Chesley | Visit the PwC Resilience site


nice article .thanks

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