The research industry is disrupting itself - r2i warns of the 'post-truth society'

24 February 2017

Writing in the Research Live Industry Report Alison Blair, director in r2i in Belfast, charts the performance of the UK’s best performing research agencies and contains perspectives from a range of industry leaders.

Subsequently reprinted by the Market Research Society (MRS) the article entitled, ‘The research industry is disrupting itself’," explores how the research landscape has undergone a dramatic technology-driven expansion in recent years and reflects on the Business of Evidence 2016 report, a study assessing the size and impact of the UK’s research and evidence market, commissioned by the MRS and conducted by r2i.

In summary, Alison's assessment  was that, while the future looks bright for the research sector, it will not be without its challenges:

"The emergence of the post-truth era, characterised by widespread mistrust of those in power, misinformation undermining the facts and wholesale misuse of data, will pose both threats and opportunities for researchers.

"Now, more than ever, politicians, policymakers and businesses need reliable, accurate data on which to base their decisions, and the public needs access to information that they can trust.

"The research industry needs to quickly move on from the tribulations of 2016 and focus its efforts on promoting the value that good research can bring.”

For more information, or to download the report, click here.

Alison Blair | Director, r2i
Profile | Email | +44 (0)28 90 415381


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