Brexit, getting you a step ahead

01 July 2016

We all woke up to the news last Friday of an unexpected and momentous result in the EU Referendum vote. Organisations are now scrambling to understand what this means for their future and how to deal with the uncertainty this has caused.

We know that increasingly CEOs were already feeling the effects of disruption and uncertainty linked with the ongoing digital impact of the internet and social media* and the resulting political upheaval will magnify this. We also know that organisations are seeking to understand what is next for them,their sector and where future opportunities lie.

At PwC's Research to Insight (r2i) we help organisations do this. For over 25 years r2i, PwC's global Centre of Excellence for market research and insight, has undertaken some of the most prestigious and thought provoking thought leadership research for our clients as well as for PwC itself, delivering insight and specialist knowledge across industries and specialisms. The help we provide can bring stability to your organisation and industry in challenging times.

You might be interested in what CEOs have to say on a range of issues from increased concern on geopolitical uncertainty, through reduced confidence about prospects for the global economy, to their belief that the world is becoming more divided*. This link will take you to an interactive version of PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey where you can look at the issues, sectors or regions that matter to you.

More generally we have conducted thought leadership work on behalf of organisations ranging from membership associations and third sector bodies, to financial and professional services providers. With the UK set to leave the European Union, this type of research can help you:

  • Create clear external and internal communications
  • Understand workforce and mobility issues; reassure and retain key talent
  • Map how your competitors are responding to the challenge in order to inform your strategy
  • Plan for the medium - long term

If you are hungry to know more about where we are heading, we have a lot of information available already that could be of interest to you and we can undoubtedly help if you were thinking of carrying out your own investigative or thought leadership work.

If you would like to know more just click here to get in touch to discuss how we might help.

* Source: PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey – Over 2,400 interviews conducted with CEOs by PwC r2i in 83 countries


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