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08 May 2018

UK marketing industry - facing the Brexit challenge

Even the most junior marketing professional, recognises the impact of technology on how organisations conduct business and engage with their customers. And, while technology has impacted on marketing roles and remits, there is still an absence of real data on the size of the marketing profession, and its contribution to...

01 May 2018

PwC Research briefing: Supporting customers in vulnerable situations

Author - Richard Fincham Last month, PwC Research held its first breakfast briefing, bringing together over 50 clients to discuss and debate consumer vulnerability. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate PwC Research's connected insight in action, as we shared findings from qualitative depth interviews, stakeholder interviews and our recently...

17 April 2018

Adding value, accuracy and depth to Thought Leadership

Author – David Patterson For 25 years PwC Research has been a market leader in driving value and connected insight from global consumer studies. Our successful approach to Thought Leadership helps clients drive engagement with their target audience by generating deep insight into current hot topics relevant to their region,...

11 April 2018

PwC Research Breakfast Briefing: Supporting Customers in Vulnerable Situations

Author: Richard Fincham Vulnerability may be hard to define and even trickier to plan for, but when it impacts companies, customers or consumers, the effect can be devastating. On Tuesday 17 th April, PwC Research will host its inaugural breakfast briefing and consumer vulnerability is firmly on the menu. We're...

31 January 2018

Charging ahead - the need to upscale UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure

This week sees the launch of PwC's ‘Charging ahead! The need to upscale UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure’, the latest report examining the role government and industry have to play in providing the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles (EVs) to be widely adopted. PwC Research surveyed over 1,000 drivers across...

23 January 2018

The anxious optimist in the corner office

The results of PwC’s 21st Annual CEO Survey were launched last night (Monday 22 January) on the eve of the annual World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. Some of the world's political and business leaders, plus around 80 journalists and other guests attended in person to hear PwC’s global chairman,...

12 January 2018

Ofwat toughens its resolve for PR19, requiring higher levels of transparency and engagement with customers

Ofwat has published its final methodology for the PR19 price review, continuing to raise the bar on the standards expected from the water industry. Its statement that typical household bills should decrease by £15-25 a year underlines the regulator’s expectation that companies will deliver a step change in efficiency and...

19 December 2017

The future is closer than we think

Alison Blair features as a guest contributor in the latest Research Live Industry Report published by the Market Research Society (MRS), and considers what might be the next big trends to shape the research industry.

04 December 2017

This year's holiday shopping trends uncovered by PwC Research

PwC has released its 2017 US Holiday Outlook, which explores likely holiday season shopping behaviours. Reflecting what more than 2,000 consumers told us in this third annual survey conducted by PwC Research, the analysis offers details on: Where and when consumers will shop What drives their purchasing decisions The types...

27 November 2017

Doing business in Asia Pacific 2017-2018: A world in transition

The results of our annual APEC CEO Survey, which is conducted each year by PwC Research, have been released by Bob Moritz, PwC Network Chairman, at the APEC CEO Summit in Vietnam.

02 November 2017

German cities top the ranking for real estate investment

Copenhagen and Madrid will join the ranks of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich as the top cities for real estate investment and development in 2018, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2018.

24 October 2017

PwC Research out and about

The PwC Research has been out and about at several events in recent weeks. Find out more here.

10 October 2017

PwC Research wins prestigious Chairman’s Award

A team from PwC Research has won the prestigious Chairman’s Award at the 2017 PwC Awards ceremony in London for their work helping a Saudi regulator measure the progress of its market reforms.

14 September 2017

Reducing cyber risk through behavioural assessment

As recent news headlines have shown, there has been a significant wave of ransomware attacks around the world. In response to this and other emerging threats, we’re likely to see organisations continue to adapt their security infrastructure and heavily invest in technical controls to defend themselves against such attacks. This...

12 September 2017

Transforming the way we get around – connected and autonomous vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) look set to transform the lives of six out of every 10 people with limited mobility in the UK, according to research published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In conjunction with PwC’s Strategy& group, PwC Research conducted the first comprehensive UK-based...

08 September 2017

I don’t know what to call this new service or product…but, hey, what’s in a name? Right?

Well, quite a lot actually. It’s central to brand recognition, it subconsciously evokes brand values. Its ability to be easily recognised, stated and shared (oh, and spelt!) will be key in developing and growing the brand. Ian Sparham comments… All products and services are seeking a brand name that evokes...

06 September 2017

Great complaint management is not only the right thing to do for customers, it can also improve your bottom line and avoid reputational damages

No firm sets out to disappoint their customers, but sometimes service does not meet expectations. When things go wrong it is in the firm’s best interest to encourage customers to share their experiences with them. The complaints handling process is an opportunity for organisations to either increase customer loyalty and...

04 September 2017

My Fear of Missing Out

Michelle Norman explores the perils of decision-making in a world of endless choice… One thing you should know about me is that I’m an acute sufferer of FOMO – otherwise known as the ‘Fear of Missing Out’. I think it stemmed from my childhood and being the youngest of 3...

01 September 2017

The shrinking leap from challenger brand to champion

Katie Pepper describes how accelerated change is creating new problems for established brands It has been accepted practice that the brands we know and (sometimes) love take decades, if not centuries, to make it to their position of dominance. Many of our current high street brands were born in the...

30 August 2017

Today’s youth culture: restraint, rebellion or rebellion redefined?

Charlotte Jones discusses the changing face of youth culture… Semiotics seeks to understand how the landscape and culture we live in impacts us subconsciously. A recent talk by a semiotician at our Brand Love client event prompted an interesting question; have the youth of today become the least rebellious generation...