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With one year to go until Brexit, we are facing unprecedented change in the government and public services landscape. Brexit dominates the agenda, with trade and customs, immigration and employment centre stage. The Industrial Strategy is looking at ways to deliver inclusive and place based growth. Technological changes including the prospect of automating of public services present huge benefits but also greater threats to national security. Our blog explores the top priorities to plan and deliver Brexit and future economic growth - and advance public services.

18 September 2018

Is the Fair Funding Review asking the right questions?

By Andy Theedom The Fair Funding Review aims to develop an improved assessment of councils’ spending needs and revenue-raising capacities to inform a new system of funding local government – to be in place for April 2020. But, with council finances at a cliff edge, there are doubts over whether...

17 September 2018

Are the times a-changin’ for public sector collections?

By Niall Cooter An article in The Times last week reported that “Councils (and Government departments) are worse than pay-day lenders”, citing aggressive and unfair collection tactics as well as a lack of a joined up approach between departments. Debt collection practices have evolved a lot recently but with so...

07 September 2018

How can councils play a leading role in integrating care?

By Mike Wallace If the case for integrated care is to resonate, you need to be absolutely clear about the problem you are trying to solve and the future state you are trying to achieve. We know from our Local State We’re In survey that 81% of local government leaders...

18 July 2018

Rising above the ‘plateau’: key considerations for charities to build public trust

By Ian Oakley Smith and Daniel Chan Public trust and confidence is critical to the success of the charity sector. So the Charity Commission’s latest research finding public trust has “plateaued” reinforces that more needs to be done to build the awareness of the societal contribution and impact of charities....

13 July 2018

Delivering place based growth: setting the foundations for economic success

With councils facing barriers to local growth and uncertainty around Brexit, Ben Pykett explores how local authorities can build the foundations for economic success.

12 July 2018

Resolving the housing crisis: our moment of opportunity

With a number of new reports on housing released recently, PwC's Matthew Williams explores how housing associations can translate the collective will to resolve the housing crisis into action.

05 July 2018

Why people’s perceptions are key to the future of transport

By Daniel Hanson During one of last winter’s cold snaps, I experienced something of a Damascene conversion. And I think it says something about the future of mobility. So, what happened? Well, I’ve always thought I can’t work effectively from home, so I usually move heaven and earth to get...

03 July 2018

Surviving the cliff edge: what does a resilient local authority look like?

By Andy Theedom The near future looks increasingly challenging. While the majority of all respondents to our 2018 Local State We’re In survey of local government leadership remain confident about the year ahead, over a quarter (28%) lack confidence that they will be able to make the necessary savings while...

The new local government landscape: what’s on the horizon?

By Jonathan House With another Spending Review next year, as well as the UK’s formal exit from the EU, the landscape for local government will continue to evolve. Local government has an essential role to play in the renewal of public services locally, looking beyond organisational boundaries to deliver on...

25 June 2018

Facing the 4th industrial revolution: How can universities adapt to an AI-enabled world?

By Ian Looker On the 7th June PwC hosted the Higher Education Policy Institute’s Annual Conference. After we’d heard from the Minister for Universities and gained valuable insight from HEPI’s annual student survey, the afternoon discussion turned to global trends and artificial intelligence PwC’s analysis of university risk registers shows...

22 June 2018

Working longer: an economic and social imperative

By Rachel Taylor, John Hawksworth and Nick C Jones It is good news that we are living longer. But we know that an ageing population puts significant financial pressure on health, social care and pension systems which will only increase over time in the UK (as recognised by the government’s...

07 June 2018

Can technology help secure the future for local authorities?

By Jonathan House The financial sustainability of councils is under real strain. As a recent National Audit Office (NAO) report highlights, councils face continuing acute pressures. There has been a near halving in real terms of central government funding between 2010/11 and 2017/18 and a real-term reduction of nearly a...

04 June 2018

How can we ensure the financial stability of the UK’s universities?

By Caitroina McCusker The economic landscape in higher education is set to change again. In October 2017, the Prime Minister announced that her Government will undertake “a major review of university funding and student financing", which was subsequently launched on in February. While this tertiary review is going to take...

01 June 2018

Taking the UK’s economy to new heights – how drones are giving a powerful new perspective

By Elaine Whyte Drones are becoming an increasingly familiar sight in the skies above us. And they are playing a growing role in many areas of our public services. But this is just the start. Our recent report, Skies without limits, shows that, by 2030, there could be: £11.4bn (c.27%)...

09 May 2018

Survival of the fittest: recognising the need for action in the charity sector

By Ian Oakley-Smith Continued financial challenges for many charities, coupled with a heightened sense of risk and failure arising from the ongoing public scrutiny of the sector, appear to be driving more charities to consider their ongoing viability. On 1 May 2018, we hosted a seminar to consider what makes...

02 May 2018

Quentin Cole appointed UK Leader of Government and Health Industries

As Quentin Cole steps into the role of PwC’s UK Leader of Government and Health Industries, he shares his views on the major issues that will affect the public sector in the coming months.

29 March 2018

Brexit - One Year to Go

12 months from today the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union. And following the publication of the EU guidelines at last week’s summit, we certainly have a clearer idea of what Brexit will mean.

19 March 2018

Trade after Brexit: Is smart technology smart enough for Brexit's borders?

By Michael Moore Senior Adviser Michael Moore explores the political conundrum surrounding the Irish border, and why there is still so much focus on the challenge it represents. In just over a year’s time the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. But while the UK may be leaving the...

15 March 2018

Not too far to trade: Three reasons to be optimistic about trade opportunities for the UK and South Africa

By David Armstrong This Easter I’m lucky enough to be going on a big family trip to South Africa. Two of our three children are teens, so it’s probably one of the last chances we’ll have to do a family trip together. And what a time to be going! The...

13 March 2018

Unleashing the benefits of technology in higher education

By Ian Looker At the end of February in our Birmingham office, we teamed up with the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) again to host the second of our series of roundtable events, this time on the impact of technology on higher education. We were delighted to be joined by...