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With one year to go until Brexit, we are facing unprecedented change in the government and public services landscape. Brexit dominates the agenda, with trade and customs, immigration and employment centre stage. The Industrial Strategy is looking at ways to deliver inclusive and place based growth. Technological changes including the prospect of automating of public services present huge benefits but also greater threats to national security. Our blog explores the top priorities to plan and deliver Brexit and future economic growth - and advance public services.

09 May 2018

Survival of the fittest: recognising the need for action in the charity sector

By Ian Oakley-Smith Continued financial challenges for many charities, coupled with a heightened sense of risk and failure arising from the ongoing public scrutiny of the sector, appear to be driving more charities to consider their ongoing viability. On 1 May 2018, we hosted a seminar to consider what makes...

02 May 2018

Quentin Cole appointed UK Leader of Government and Health Industries

As Quentin Cole steps into the role of PwC’s UK Leader of Government and Health Industries, he shares his views on the major issues that will affect the public sector in the coming months.

29 March 2018

Brexit - One Year to Go

12 months from today the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union. And following the publication of the EU guidelines at last week’s summit, we certainly have a clearer idea of what Brexit will mean.

19 March 2018

Trade after Brexit: Is smart technology smart enough for Brexit's borders?

By Michael Moore Senior Adviser Michael Moore explores the political conundrum surrounding the Irish border, and why there is still so much focus on the challenge it represents. In just over a year’s time the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. But while the UK may be leaving the...

15 March 2018

Not too far to trade: Three reasons to be optimistic about trade opportunities for the UK and South Africa

By David Armstrong This Easter I’m lucky enough to be going on a big family trip to South Africa. Two of our three children are teens, so it’s probably one of the last chances we’ll have to do a family trip together. And what a time to be going! The...

13 March 2018

Unleashing the benefits of technology in higher education

By Ian Looker At the end of February in our Birmingham office, we teamed up with the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) again to host the second of our series of roundtable events, this time on the impact of technology on higher education. We were delighted to be joined by...

15 February 2018

What we need to know about the UK’s trading challenge

By Matt Alabaster Every year for the past 20 years, the UK has bought more goods and services from overseas than we have managed to export ourselves. Since 1997, our average trade deficit has been over £31bn every year, the equivalent of more than £1,100 for every household in the...

31 January 2018

What are the challenges facing Higher Education in 2018?

By Ian Looker It’s already been an eventful start to the year in world of Higher Education. On Tuesday 30 January we were joined by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) in our London offices for a breakfast briefing, for around 100+ from universities across London and the South East....

15 December 2017

The future of trade regulation after Brexit - a moving feast?

By Paul George Two weeks ago, I chaired the latest in our series of podcasts on Trade Matters, focusing this time on the Future of Regulation and what it could look like once the UK leaves the EU. I was joined by PwC's Michael Moore, Senior Adviser on Brexit, Jo...

13 December 2017

Twelve stocking fillers for Christmas

By Tina Hallett It’s been a year of political change and uncertainty, at home and abroad. Brexit has dominated the headlines and, with the recent agreement on Phase 1, some may now be peering into 2018 tentatively seeking to understand, what next? But Brexit is only one of many things...

05 December 2017

New fundraising rules bring an opportunity to build trust

By Jill Halford, Daniel Chan and David Hagger New fundraising rules in the Charities Act 2016 mean that many charities are now having to report on their fundraising practices formally for the first time. It might be tempting to do the bare minimum required but charities should think about the...

26 November 2017

Exploring the changing global environment for UK universities

By Ian Looker On 9 November, we joined forces with the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) to host a roundtable event in our Leeds office on the changing global environment for universities, attended by senior leaders from across the region. The dinner was the first in a series of three...

23 November 2017

Budget 2017 - What has the Chancellor done for public services?

By Nick C Jones Nick C Jones blogs on the Autumn Budget 2017 and considers what it means for the public sector. This Budget provided an opportunity for the government to deliver a boost to the economy and living standards while setting the UK’s future course as we get ready...

17 November 2017

Reporting on social impact in the charity sector

By Daniel Chan Last week, Matt Stevenson-Dodd, Chief Executive of Street League, challenged charities to be more honest about their social impact in an article in the Guardian. Wouldn’t it be great, if as Matt said, we could have a ‘Top 100’ index of charities measured on their social impact?...

08 November 2017

Unleashing the potential of cities to deliver good, inclusive growth

By Paul Terrington When the Government makes a public commitment to deliver an “economy that works for all”, we need new ways to measure the new successes it should deliver - something we have long recognised in our Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index. So what does our latest research...

02 November 2017

Is digital technology the answer for Africa’s young workforce?

By Nina Nasman Sub-Saharan Africa has the youngest population in the world, but continues to be confronted by high levels of youth unemployment and working poverty. Could digital technology reshape their world of work and help to unleash their economic potential? Unemployment among young people aged 15-24 years old has...

25 October 2017

Navigating the currents of productivity: Transport and the Industrial Strategy

By Daniel Hanson and Larice Stielow To increase prosperity, we need to increase productivity – of our people, our firms and industries, our public services, and ultimately the national economy. This is a key goal of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. The first Industrial Strategy dates back almost 100 years to...

24 October 2017

Things to think about in National Charity Fraud Awareness Week

In National Charity Fraud Awareness Week, take the opportunity to ask yourself a few simple questions about your charity’s fraud risk management.

18 October 2017

The purpose of a housing association: Growth, place or people

By Matthew Williams The crisis in the supply of housing in the UK, particularly those who are most vulnerable or in need, is now a national infrastructure challenge of 25 years making. Rising to this challenge requires organisations with capability, capacity and clarity of purpose. Since 1949, private enterprise has...

16 October 2017

Driving productive and inclusive growth for young people across the UK

By Hannah Audino, George Mason & Michael Kane The UK has gradually improved NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) rates over the past decade, and further improvements could boost GDP by around £43bn in the long-run, according to the latest edition of the Young Workers Index. But would the...