A business that’s efficient and ‘agile’ is one in which corporate structure, channels, process, system organisation and data are simplified, standardised and aligned. This type of operating model is designed to deliver a growth strategy and respond efficiently and effectively to market changes.

Whilst achieving efficiency and agility may be challenging, the benefits are significant and will ultimately lead to improved business resilience and growth that outstrips the market.

We have a range of thought leadership linked to the four key areas your business should consider when reviewing your efficiency options - to discuss how to make your business more efficient, contact Paul Terrington.

Are you seeing your organisation through rose-tinted glasses?
Removing complexity to deliver value
Reducing costs for the long term
Stay ahead with the right operating model

Many of today’s multinational business have grown into diverse organisations, with multiple business divisions operating across a number of countries and regions. Changes in the regulatory, economic and commercial environment mean that companies are increasingly operating across multiple geographies and therefore have the opportunity to consider how best to structure their operations cross-border. This often means re-thinking how to meet local market needs, reconfiguring processes and functions and, in some cases, operating models.

Helping support functions deliver

In the current climate, companies are looking to reduce cost, improve margin and increase agility. Market conditions are driving them to simplify their support functions; take advantage of process and technology opportunities; and look at cost effective methods and locations for delivery of services. The business is demanding more from their support functions - IT, Finance, HR, Procurement, Property and others – which can represent 10 - 15% of the cost base.

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Paul is Regional Chairman and leads PwC's Advisory practice in Northern Ireland and the People and Change practice across the UK.

He has gained significant experience across all aspects of Human Resources advisory work at strategic and organisational levels and particularly on the impacts of change on human capital in large public and private sector organisations.

Paul's specialisation is in the area of anticipating, planning and delivering corporate transformation and strategic change across public and private sector organisations and he has worked extensively in this field in Northern Ireland, GB and further afield.

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