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18 August 2014

Take a closer look at some recent draft NIFRICs; it might be time to comment

By Tony de Bell This week, my guest blogger is Mary Dolson, a Global Accounting Consulting Services partner. She takes a look at some of the IFRS Interpretations Committee's recent agenda rejections. As ever, do let me know your thoughts... Read more

01 August 2014

IFRS 9 – too little too late?

By Tony de Bell My guest blogger Sandra Thompson, Global Accounting Consulting Services partner, takes a look at reactions to IFRS 9, the IASB’s new standard on financial instruments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject. The... Read more

25 July 2014

Principal versus agent – the ‘dark horse’ in the race to the Revenue TRG

By Tony de Bell The IASB and FASB joint transition resource group met for the first time last week to look at potential implementation issues relating to the new revenue standard. My guest blogger Andrea Allocco, Global Accounting Consulting Services... Read more

30 June 2014

Is financial reporting a barrier to unlocking investment in infrastructure?

By John Hitchins Last week saw the publication of a B20 report titled “Unlocking Investment in Infrastructure – is current accounting and reporting a barrier?” The B20 is a group of business leaders who provide input to G20 meetings and... Read more

16 June 2014

IFRS 11 - Joint arrangements

It seems there are lots of people talking about IFRS 11. Last month, the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IC) devoted a couple of hours of its May meeting to the subject. Indeed IFRS 11 has been a regular item on the... Read more

29 May 2014

A new revenue standard – is it what we have all been waiting for?

By John Hitchins The IASB and FASB have issued their converged standard on revenue recognition. Yes, the day that everyone has been waiting for has finally come. It is not that I am not excited about it all – I... Read more

06 May 2014

Macro-hedging – why now?

By John Hitchins The IASB has finally taken the first step in the last phase of the project to replace IFRS financial instruments guidance. It has published the discussion paper (DP) Accounting for Dynamic Risk Management: a Portfolio Revaluation Approach... Read more

04 April 2014

When is an asset not really an asset?

By John Hitchins …When it is called goodwill, of course! This little quip tends to elicit a reaction only from the most technical accountants. For everyone else, goodwill is now accepted widely as an asset. The debate in the past... Read more

21 March 2014

Leases – Another nail in the coffin of convergence?

By John Hitchins One would be forgiven for thinking that the IASB / FASB redeliberations of the leasing project in March were aimed to achieve a converged solution. The two Boards sat in the same room, but came to very... Read more

07 March 2014

Presenting financial performance – is change on the horizon?

This week, to talk about presenting financial performance, I'd like to introduce guest blogger Peter Hogarth, who is our UK Accounting Consulting Services leader. By Peter Hogarth Regulators and standard-setters have long grappled with the question of how entities should... Read more

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