David Morris is appointed UK Leader for Public Sector Health

06 September 2018

As David Morris starts his new role as PwC’s UK Leader for Public Sector Health, he reflects on what’s top of mind for healthcare as the summer draws to a close.

I'm delighted to have taken on the role as Public Sector Health Leader for PwC.  As I mentioned recently in our recent research, Making money work in the health and care system, with the NHS celebrating its landmark 70th birthday, there is much to feel proud about healthcare in the UK.  Every 36 hours the NHS deals with one million patients and there is deep appreciation and gratitude for the care we and our loved ones receive.

Yet with summer drawing to an end, this tends to focus minds on the pressures the sector faces.  Despite the recent announcement of a longer term settlement for the NHS, finances remain challenged.  Demand continues to rise as the population becomes older and chronic conditions become more prevalent. And a recent survey by BritainThinks into public perceptions of the NHS showed 81% of respondents agree that the British public is currently feeling anxious about the future. New perspectives and fresh ideas are needed like never before. This is where our Public Sector Health team seeks to play a key role.  


While I’ve grown up with the firm, having been here since 2004, I’m a nurse by background. I qualified in the UK and worked both in this country and overseas in medical emergency and A&E. I’ve also been on the boards of two large teaching hospitals. With a passionate and wide ranging interest in health, there are many areas I would like us to focus on.  But like an A&E, there’s an element of triaging. So, the priorities, as I see them, include the following: digital, cyber security, data and analytics.

“A tech transformation is coming,” promised Matt Hancock, when he was named the new Health Secretary in July. We know from our own work across industry that big data and analytics, for example, help organisations harness their information and use it to identify new opportunities. This leads to reduced costs, faster, better decision making and the ability provide new products and services that consumers need. We want to pass on these benefits to the NHS and use the power of information to drive change, while also making sure that data is kept secure.The NHS is facing a number of serious challenges, the impact of Brexit, funding and skills shortages to name but a handful.  These are no doubt the topic of blogs to come from me. At the same time, with adversity comes opportunity and I firmly believe that the potential and appetite for change is out there. The future needs of our population depend upon it.

David  Morris

David Morris | Partner, Public Sector Health Leader, PwC UK
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