Why data matters to pharma

08 February 2018

Data Integrity is a buzz word in the pharma and life sciences sector at the moment. Getting beneath the words is critical and so PwC is working with PharmaConsult to deliver the First International Conference on Data Integrity in Pharmaceuticals.

Here Professor Luigi G Martini, BSc (Hons), PhD, FRPharmS, MBAI,  Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at King’s College London, Chief Scientific Officer of The Start Up Funding Club, Chief Scientific Officer at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Programme Chairman, explains why he is involved and what the conference offers delegates.

Why should you take time out of your packed days to attend this conference? I asked the same question when I was asked to be the Programme Chairman.  Firstly, my days are very busy with a full-time industry position at Shire, acting as the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Chief Scientist Designate, member of the Industrial Pharmacists Group of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and a professor at King’s College School of Pharmacy in London.  Secondly, I wasn’t certain I wanted to be part of another conference.  However, after meeting with the entire committee which included both former regulators and industry, I was convinced a true one-day discussion on the critical issues of Data Integrity was needed.

image from www.pwc.co.uk

We have been able to attract some of the most outstanding speakers in their fields who will share their in-depth of knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry.  You will hear  David Cockburn, Ph.D.,former EMA Head of GMP Compliance, who will discuss the evolving area of data integrity, particularly in light of the newly ratified EMA/FDA MRA.  Stephen Grayson, MHRA Data Integrity expert, will offer the unique perspectives of an inspector and policy maker within MHRA. The less discussed issue of computer system control and cyber security will also be discussed with presentations from Guy Wingate, GSK Compliance Officer who recently chaired the GAMP5 computer compliance industry guide and was part of the team developing the ISPE/GAMP Guide on Records & Data Integrity and PwC’s Simon Borwick, an expert in the field of cybersecurity.

The conference will be held at PwC’s offices in London on March 2nd. To register please use this code: PWCDIC and you will receive a reduction of more than 10%. We look forward to seeing you there.

Book your place now: https://www.pharmaconsultglobal.com/conference_details.html?con_id=1. For further information contact: john.jolley@pharmaconsultglobval.com



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