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12 January 2018

Rebranding the Department of Health

By David Morris One of the more significant announcements from this week’s Government reshuffle was the re-branding of the role of Secretary of State for Health as ‘Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’, along with a similar change of title for the ‘Department of Health and Social Care’...

09 January 2018

Accurate, audited and secure: how blockchain could strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain

By Ailis Mone In the second of a series of blogs looking at how blockchain can transform healthcare systems and patient care we explain how the current pharmaceutical supply chain can be improved. Trust is a fundamental necessity when it comes to medication. For a patient to consume a medication...

19 December 2017

Dealing with data - the case for greater sharing of health records

By Janahan Tharmaratnam Patients know that the NHS having access to their data can help improve and speed up care. Overwhelmingly they want professionals across the NHS to more easily have access to, and share, their data. But how patient data is used, shared and managed is a very sensitive...

13 December 2017

Six principles of NHS recovery

In the final blog in our series looking at financial recovery in the NHS,  we set out some key principles that organisations should consider when taking action to improve their financial position.

04 December 2017

Curing healthcare with a course of blockchain innovation - improving the prescriptions system

In the first of a series of blogs looking at how blockchain can transform health-care systems and ultimately patient care we explain how the current system of prescribing can be improved.

29 November 2017

Six principles for managing stakeholders in times of financial challenge

In the third of our series of blogs looking at financial recovery in the NHS, we consider how best to manage and utilise your stakeholders to best effect.

16 November 2017

Junior doctors get greater protection to act as whistleblowers

Junior doctors who want to blow the whistle and raise concerns about poor practice will now receive legal protection following an agreement between the British Medical Association (BMA) and Health Education England (HEE).

06 November 2017

Five rules to control cash flow - financial turnaround in the NHS

By Shamil Ganatra, Matthew Lynn and Iain Alexander Leadership teams are regularly telling us that cash has become an area of increased scrutiny by regulators. More and more NHS organisations are facing cash pressure, as financial constraints, increasing demand and funding restrictions continue and grow. Only last week we saw...

23 October 2017

Why diversity matters - improving patient outcomes through inclusion

By Karen Finlayson Intuitively everyone knows that diversity makes sense and there is lots of evidence and a number of studies that show organisations with diverse boards perform better than those that don’t. Where healthcare is concerned, we are now too diverse a nation for a one size fits all...

11 October 2017

The road to recovery - delivering financial sustainability in the NHS

By David Morris and Sam Knollys The NHS provides us all with a great deal of pride and is a globally recognised and respected institution. Significant challenges remain however, not least the need to continue to provide quality healthcare whilst delivering significant transformation in a period of constrained resource. There...

31 August 2017

Life Sciences Industrial Strategy: revitalise and grow the UK Life Sciences Industry

By Jo Pisani The UK Life Sciences strategy published today has the potential to revitalise and grow the UK Life Sciences industry with focused initiatives, that if executed effectively offers continued economic growth and improved health outcomes for UK patients. The UK government is to invest more than £140 million...

15 August 2017

Improving access to medicines could create thousands of jobs

By Jo Pisani and Rachel Armstrong PwC Strategy& analysis for Pfizer The UK has a vibrant pharmaceutical and life sciences sector which makes a significant contribution to the overall health and wealth of the nation. The UK industry is responsible for discovering and developing many of the world’s medicines, is...

07 August 2017

The importance of strong financial governance in the NHS: questions to consider

By Joanna Watson, Matthew Plummer, Matthew Elmer As providers and commissioners’ financial positions have deteriorated over the last 12 to 18 months, we have seen an ever-increasing focus on financial governance and leadership. Sudden changes in the financial position of trusts and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) cause significant concerns for...

25 July 2017

Considering becoming an NHS NED or just joined? 10 things to consider...

By Quentin Cole The NHS remains a challenging sector in which to work. Financially constrained with increasing demand but with huge opportunity to bring in new levels of cooperation through place based care and innovative technology enabled care. NHS non-executive directors can play a key role in the drive for...

10 July 2017

How can technology drive transformation in healthcare?

By Janahan Tharmaratnam Following the election the country is facing a period of uncertainty. But for those in the health sector the situation hasn’t changed - the struggle to find ways to meet the daily demands of the service alongside the need to make significant transformational change still dominates. But,...

03 July 2017

Five levers to improve supply chain management

By Johnathon Marshall For local healthcare leaders the choices are becoming harder and harder as they have to decide how to prioritise their finite resources and are struggling to guarantee safety and quality of care. The system needs significant transformation to address these challenges so that resources can be freed...

14 June 2017

Beyond the polls: what’s the patients’ view on priorities for the Health Secretary?

By Quentin Cole You may feel that you have just made a tough choice at the ballot box. The reality is, for those working in the NHS, tough choices are part and parcel of a day job which is tiring but inspiring. Healthcare isn’t standing still - new breakthroughs, new...

15 May 2017

NHS cyber attacks – preventing and handling ransomware

As widely reported in the media, there has been a significant wave of ransomware attacks against a large number of NHS bodies and their access to data held on computer systems. NHS Digital has stated that it is working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, the Department of Health...

11 April 2017

Are people ready to embrace artificial intelligence and robotics in healthcare?

By Brian Pomering The population of the UK is the least willing among 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to consider using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as alternatives to traditional healthcare channels. That’s the finding of research that PwC commissioned to look into global variations in...

22 March 2017

Decentralisation and public health: inspiration from Sweden

By Rose Taylor and Peter Hawkings Last autumn, Västerås Hospital and Västmanland County Council, from Sweden, visited PwC and a UK teaching hospital on an international study tour. This was an opportunity to compare the two healthcare systems. Sweden has impressive health outcomes - the eighth highest life expectancy and...