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11 January 2017

Inclusive recruitment – are employers getting it right? Have your say!

This week we bring you the exciting news that PwC has launched an #InclusiveRecruitment research study

There is no disputing that talent diversity is now widely acknowledged as both a business challenge and an opportunity, with CEOs identifying significant benefits arising from diversity and inclusion in their organisations: benefits such as enhanced business performance (85%), strengthened brand and reputation (83%) and more innovation (78%). So it is not surprising that diversity & inclusion continues to garner leadership focus, in fact 91% of employers now identify diversity as an organisational priority.

Employers are not alone in their heightened focus, did you know that 85% of millennial talent globally say an employer’s diversity and inclusion record is important to them when deciding whether or not to work for an organisation? And 71% said that while they feel organisations talk about diversity, they don’t think opportunities are really equal for all.


Well we want to know more: we want to understand the diversity expectations and experiences of talent who are starting out in their careers, who have recently moved employers and those who are currently active in the jobs market. So, if like the 85% of millennials across the globe, diversity and inclusion is important to you, have your say by completing our short survey today, and help to shape the inclusive talent strategies of tomorrow. You can play your part now and complete the survey by clicking here!

Our research objective is to help organisations – including ourselves – to better understand the diversity expectations and experiences of the modern workforce, and what this means for the development and delivery of transformational inclusive recruitment strategies. 

We’ll be sharing the findings of our research with you in early March, so watch this space!

Want to share this survey with someone you know? Just share the message below via your social media channels:

85% of #millennials say employer’s #diversity record is important when deciding to work for them. Feel the same? http://pwc.to/2j4B0tp


Aoife Flood, PwC Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aoife Flood is Senior Manager of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Office for PwC International Limited with responsibility for the development and implementation of our network-wide global Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

She is a proud PwC female millennial and lead researcher and author of our ‘Moving women with purpose: Creating gender inclusive global mobility’, ‘The female millennial: A new era of talent’, and 'Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow's female leaders' thought leadership publications.

Aoife is also co-author of our Global Gender Agenda blog. You can learn more about Aoife here or find her on twitter: @AoifeRFlood.


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