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16 December 2016

Women and Global Mobility: Spotlight on Asia Pacific

Happy December.

To our frequent readers, apologies we have been a little quiet of late, since the excitement of launching our The PwC diversity journey publication I’ve had quite the hectic work and personal life.

I’m pleased to share that my husband and I purchased our first house, after ten years of apartment living I didn’t realise how much I would enjoying having stairs again, and I will admit the whole process was as stressful as people say it is, much to my surprise. I’ve also had some interesting travel, including my first trip to Phoenix where I got to present on the topic of women and Global Mobility alongside ANZ’s Global Mobility Leader, Heather Williams and PwC US Partner, Kathy McDermott to lots of interested executives at PwC’s annual Global Mobility conference. Needless to say there was lots of interesting discussion and this was made all the more enjoyable by having the rare opportunity to feel some November sun on my face.

For those of you familiar with our Moving women with purpose research, it won’t come as a surprise that there currently exists a significant global mobility gender gap. In fact, despite unprecedented demand from women for international experience and assignments, women currently only account for 20% of international assignees across the globe. 

A little earlier this year, I had lots of fun recording my first ever podcast, which puts a spotlight on women and Global Mobility in the Asia Pacific region. It was very exciting sitting in PwC’s office at 5am on a Dublin morning to have a recorded discussion with fantastic women on the other side of the world in Australia and China. It just felt like a great phone chat, so I was amazed when a few weeks later we received an actual podcast.


And believe me there is reason to put a spotlight on women and mobility in the Asia Pacific Region. A significant 86% of female employees from the region saying they feel gaining international experience is critical to advancing their careers. They are also much less likely than their male peers to feel they have equal opportunity to undertake an international assignment with their current employers (18 point difference). And employers in the region really need to be aware of this female mobility demand; 77% of women in the region identified global mobility as a critical attraction tool, and 79% said the opportunity to complete a mobility experience would keep them from leaving an employer. When it comes to attraction and retention, global mobility plays a bigger role for women in this region by 11 and 12 points compared to female employees across the globe.

So if you want to learn more about women and mobility in the Asia Pacific region, or are a woman anywhere in the world interested in gaining international experience, tune into our podcast panel of female leaders and diversity and global mobility experts all of whom have extensive international experience between them to find out more. Joining me is Jane Cheung, Partner at PwC China, Abbie Cooke, Global Mobility Expert, PwC Australia and Susie Babani, the former Chief Human Resources Officer, ANZ bank.

Click here to listen or to download the podcast:  pwc.to/2d2cdoo



Aoife Flood, PwC Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aoife Flood is Senior Manager of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Office for PwC International Limited with responsibility for the development and implementation of our network-wide global Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

She is a proud PwC female millennial and lead researcher and author of our ‘Moving women with purpose: Creating gender inclusive global mobility’, ‘The female millennial: A new era of talent’, and 'Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow's female leaders' thought leadership publications.

Aoife is also co-author of our Global Gender Agenda blog. You can learn more about Aoife here or find her on twitter: @AoifeRFlood.


I am interested in women mobility and I am from Africa.

Global mobility gender gap is highly recommended.

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