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12 June 2014

From integrated reporting to integrated decision making?

By Brian Furness Simon Seymour and I hosted our quarterly UK 100 Group Finance Forum 3 June. The discussion topic over dinner covered the role of finance in driving integrated decision making in an organisation. We've all heard of integrated reporting and although it's difficult to do for many given...

23 April 2014

Why is network contribution so important to a passenger airline?

By Steve Benham Network contribution is the contribution from a flight (“Target”) plus the marginal contribution from passengers joining the flight at a hub from a feeder flight (“Upline”) or leaving the flight at the hub to take another flight (“Downline”). Most airlines report the contribution to net profit from...

07 March 2014

Finance - No longer the "spread-sheet" jockeys

By Richard Wyles It's been on the agenda for finance for a while, but now it's been confirmed as one of the headline findings in our 2013 Finance Benchmark Report: Finance is creating insight for the business. And our findings show there is a steady upward trend in the percentage...

21 February 2014

Creating the next generation of Finance leaders

By Jeff Snyder In Consulting, we offer a development programme for all our new graduates. We call it the ‘Foundation for the Future’ scheme and it encourages grads to undertake seven 3-month rotations in various teams across Consulting such as Strategy, Operations, Technology, and of course, Finance. As the person...

16 December 2013

Resilience. Why do finance leaders need to take it seriously?

By Simon Perry What I’ve seen over the last decade or so is the risk environment becoming far less benign. From an external perspective, we’ve observed an increase in natural and manmade disasters and at the same time companies are now organised in a much more complex way than they...

04 December 2013

Finance needs to connect in order to free up time, resources and cut costs

By Rob Banham If finance functions are truly serious about getting ahead in the future, then connecting with the business should be at the forefront of their strategy. But how do you actually put this into practice? My view is simple. In order to work alongside the business, finance needs...

12 November 2013

Finance to “question” rather than always provide the “answers”

I think it's important to recognise that the finance leaders and CFOs of today are operating in a much more fluid and broader environment. Traditionally finance leaders have been responsible to shareholders and now they are answerable to a much broader stakeholder group – regulators, consumer groups, interest groups and...

31 October 2013

What are your top areas of focus for Finance?

Please take part in the first of a series of finance-related polls. The results will be published on our Finance Matters website which you can access here >> customer survey Contact Brian Furness +44 (0) 20 7212 3917

30 October 2013

PwC wins treasury award for 13th consecutive year

PwC has once again been recognised by Treasury Management International (TMI) as Best Treasury Consultant. The award, among TMI's 2013 awards for Excellence in Treasury Management, marked the 13th consecutive year that PwC has been voted the top treasury consultant by TMI's global readers. Yann Umbricht, leader of PwC’s Corporate...

28 October 2013

Finance as the Navigator and not the “support function”

By Steve Crook, Partner, Consulting You may have seen our recent paper on Finance functions of the future and within that we set out four areas where finance needs to focus in order to be successful long term. One of the areas of most interest to me is ‘Navigation’, particularly...